What’s it like being a low-carb doctor on TV?

What's it like being a low-carb doctor on TV?
What’s it like working with patients and giving controversial low-carb advice in front of a TV audience?

In this interview Dr. Rangan Chatterjee talks about what it is like being a star on BBC’s “Doctor in the House” and helping patients with revolutionary diet and lifestyle changes with massive positive effects.

He also talks about getting heavily criticized by the British Dietetic Association for giving “dangerous” advice, despite solid scientific support and the fantastic effects on his patients.

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What’s It Like Being a Low-Carb Doctor on TV? – Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

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Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

Very good interview. I enjoyed the whole session and learnt a lot. No more calorie counting. Thank you.
– Angela

I like his approach . Focused, very clear and I took it that he meant us to eat 5 portions of non starchy vegetables a day not each meal. Great to hear another British doctor promote low carb. My GP was indifferent when I saw him and still pushing meds as the answer.
– Gail

So great to see a British doctor on board, hopefully he will be one of those leading the low carb WOL and showing the way to all our GP’s in the UK.
– Barbs

Dr Chatterjee’s work was critisised by the BDA (The Association of UK Dietitians) and called ‘dangerous’. A look at BDA’s corporate members list reveals that it includes Big Food: amongst others Nestlé, Danone and General Mills. Now I see that BDA is right – LCHF is dangerous! It threatens the profits of their clients. Obviously people’s health and wellbeing comes distant second at BDA…
– Justyna

What’s It Like Being a Low-Carb Doctor on TV? – Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

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