What’s inside the bags?


What kind of lunch is offered at the world’s biggest scientific meeting about diabetes research? This one.

These are the lunch bags all participants at the meeting are offered. The question is what’s inside the bags. What do you think?

Continued: Lunch at the Diabetes Conference


  1. Louise
    give us a hint....is it good or bad news?
  2. Lisa
    Knowing the false info. that most doctors give diabetics these days? Probably sandwiches made with low fat meat, no condiments and "healthy" whole grain bread and a piece of fruit.
  3. Judith
    I'd say brown bread sandwiches and some fruit and sweetened yogourt.
  4. Julie
    I'd say chips and chocolate....
  5. John
    Whatever the sponsors shipped.
  6. Mark
    A can of soda, a sandwich on whole wheat bread, a bag of potato chips, a piece of fruit and a complimentary blood glucose meter! :)
  7. Justin McCullough
    A stack of $100 bills rubber banded to the newest pill in a 100 ct. bottle.
  8. Marie lamela
    I would put a lchf diet in the bag !! But probably a protein bar and a piece of fruit
  9. Marie lamela
    I would make a lchf lunch but inside the bag is probably a protein bar and a piece of fruit.
  10. BillyBob
    Juice, cake and a sandwich. Chocolate Bars or "Power" Bars as a snack.

    Im hoping for energy drinks as well :D

  11. smc
    I guessing the antithesis of LCHF: lots of carbs but little fat.
  12. Costas Tsakirides
    I am more cynical than most of the other people leaving comments: white bread sandwiches with various fillings, some cake or chocolate and a fruit juice?
  13. Triskeliongirl
    My guess would be a sandwich made with a low fat protein on a whole grain bread, with chips (or pasta salad) and a cookie. I work at a health science center, and unless I special order my lunch for a meeting that is what I get
  14. KDM
    Sandwich, fruit juice, candy bar, fruit?
  15. LarryB
    Whatever it is, it'll comply with the ADA's insane idea that T2 diabetics should get at least 60% of their calories from carbs.
    In the interest of food safety, most of what's in the bag will be highly processed.
  16. Alain
    1) Sandwiches made with healthy whole grain bread and low fat mayonnaise and low fat meat.
    2) Low fat (0%) artificially sweetened yogurt.
    3) Natural fruit juice.
    4) Low fat Muffin made with healthy whole grain.

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