1. Victoria

    Is it ok to eat canned fish?

    Thank you

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  2. Zepp
    Yes.. even if fresch fish is better!

    I always have some cans of sardines, makerell and sardells in my kitchenstores!

  3. Eric
    I have found simple is much more effective for me.
    Just like wearing the same clothes to work!

    Eggs and butter and coffee

    Ground beef or lamb

    Coffee with butter

    Multivitamin multi mineral and seaweed
    What is missing? Except the weight?

  4. Elena
    I agree with Eric completely. Simple works the best. I have always failed when I tried to come up with some fancy recipes and substitutes. Bacon and eggs or eggs and butter or a cheese and butter sandwich (minus the bread, just a generous chunk of butter between 2 generous slices of cheese), and when I have it in my fridge I may add a generous slice of beef tongue or cold roast to my cheese and butter sandwich, plus coffee with heavy cream for breakfast (unless I am not hungry and skip it). Grass-fed beef patties, fat fish, chicken, pork, liver, or just plain deviled eggs, etc, (depending on what you feel like today) plus a side salad (optional) for dinner. I never have more than 2 meals a day. In spite of the common wisdom, if you eat the right thing, you don't get tired of it even if you eat it every day.

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