What happens if you eat nothing but bacon for 30 days straight?

Here’s a crazy idea: What would happen if you only ate bacon for 30 days?

Or, perhaps, it’s not that crazy. Dan Quibell tried it and enjoyed it… and even lost 20 pounds:

Ketogasm: What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Bacon for 30 Days Straight?

Now there’s an active Facebook group with 3,000 members dedicated to discussing the Bacon experiment and trying it themselves.

Facebook: The Bacon Experiment

Obviously eating nothing but bacon results in an extremely low carb, ketogenic diet. It should result in significant loss of excess weight, without weighing or counting. And if you’re crazy enough it should be fine to try it for a month.

Note: If you are on diabetes medication, especially insulin, you’ll have to adapt (lower) the doses so discuss it with your doctor first.


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  1. Apicius
    Hmmm. I'm tempted to try it. Would rotate a variety of bacon though, to break the monotony. Like apple wood smoked, hickory smoked, italian panchetta, etc.
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  1. Jose Rodriguez
    Nope. Look at the package. Once you fry it the calories per slice drops dramatically. More like 600-700 calories per 1lb package.
  2. Mike
    I did The Bacon Experiment for 21 days and lost 17 pounds. If you roast the bacon in the oven at 350 for 35 minutes it comes out perfect. Two pounds of cooked bacon is between 1200-1400 calories. I never felt better!
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  4. Vivian
    I’m doing bacon, eggs and steak for lunch and dinner plus 2tbs of butter per day. No limits. But it is self limiting! You really can’t eat that much! However I’m loosing! 1 week in and the rest of the month to go!
  5. John
    Funny thing.
    This website and its doctors do a lot of research regarding keto and lchf all with perfectly verifiable results.
    And still people come here claiming that it does not work.
  6. barry fletcher
    bacon/cheese woukld work for me explain please
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  8. Dan Quibell
    Not BPC, would avoid extra fats when doing the bacon experiment so you remain in a calorie deficit.
  9. Dan Quibell

    I did the math Josh, 2 lbs of bacon a day is over 5,000 calories! Even more than you 3000-4000 calories that YOU said would be magical.

    Actually after its cooked the calories are more like 1200-1500 so we are in a caloric deficit and this is why we burn bodyfat during the bacon experiment. Its not magical its just a very powerful dietary intervention. Hunger control and caloric deficit and intermittent fasting.

  10. Wanda
    Going to give this a try but I have to be home for 30 days straight to do it. Maybe in November.
    Dr. Atkins slipped, fell, and hit his head while walking on an icy sidewalk causing a brain injury. He died in surgery for that. He had a heart attack years before that he said was due to infection. There is no way to know at this point. Ketogenic diet was used in the early 1900s before his books were written as a way to treat epilepsy and seizure disorders.
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  12. Marion Askildt
    How do you handle the smell? Whole house stinks. Tried everything, even clothing smells so bad after cooking. If summer, I cook it outside, but winter is horrible,cannot open windows to air everything out.
  13. Jb
    Smells fine when you bake in the oven
  14. ROXY
    today is my 29 th day feeling GREAT,did not feel deprived of anything,who doesn't like Bacon,how ever did not lose 20 lbs but lost 15lbs but along with TBE Diet i walked 1 mile aday and did a few exercises and my clothes fit looser,
  15. Shannon Clyde
    Aren't you worried about the nitrates? You might loose weight, but aren't you increasing your risk factor for cancer?
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  16. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Aren't you worried about the nitrates? You might loose weight, but aren't you increasing your risk factor for cancer?

    Generally speaking the nitrates in bacon are not an issue.

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  18. Anna
    I buy bacon without nitrates apple flavored 2. Eat fat to lose fat, sounds a little strange but from what I've read and heard it just might work. It has to be good fat though and I know about that.
  19. Cass
    Is there a certain brand, or ingredient list you should opt for when in the grocery store buying bacon! I know not all bacon is created equal :)
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  20. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Is there a certain brand, or ingredient list you should opt for when in the grocery store buying bacon! I know not all bacon is created equal :)

    Most bacon will have sugar listed in the ingredients as it is used in the curing process. Look at the nutrition label and most bacon with 0g carbs per serving will be OK.

  21. Gentiann
    When I am in the US, I look for "lower sodium" bacon, most have no sugar added. My favorite is Kroger store brand.
  22. Brit
    Don't knock it till you try it! Been on bacon Experiment with other keto dinners and I've dropped 10lbs. I dont have that much weight to begin with. It's a game changer. If you aren't scared... try it!
  23. Jan
    I read that Dr. Atkin's had a history of cardiomyopathy as a result of a viral infection. Not a history of heart attack. Cardiomyopathy is a condition affecting the heart muscle. It's very different from atherosclerosis (blocked arteries, Coronary Artery Dissease) which is the cause of heart attacks. And it's ahterosclerosis that many think (wrongly) is caused by saturated fats (bacon, and other animal fats, dairy, and other natural fats.
  24. Everett Winkler
    If you are worried about additives, use fresh pork belly instead of bacon.

    No salt, no sugar, no preservatives, and it tastes amazing!!!

  25. Melissa
    I was going to do it, and then saw the egg diet. So i did the egg diet, and it got boring..so now as all i have is bacon in the frezzer, i am doing bacon experiment. :-)
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