What does Coca-Cola do to a flower?

What happens if you use Coca-Cola to water a flower? Watch the short video above to find out.

What happens if you only drink Coca-Cola instead of water? The result may not be quite as quick as for the flower, but the end result, decades later, may not be that much better for humans.

Obesity and tooth decay is just the beginning. Diabetes may come next, followed by heart disease, Alzheimer’s and possibly cancer.

I think I’ll choose water instead.


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  1. Mike H
    Try it with orange juice.
  2. Tim
    Try feeding it to mice, and then complain about the flawed testing methodology.
  3. Audrilee
    WOW - I have never been a soda drinker - even as a teen I drank ice tea - no sugar -
  4. tony
    If anybody believes he is like a flower.....

    I tell you what, let's get some volunteers to eat like a flower. Plant them in a garden and let them use soil, rain, and sunlight to get nutrients. Let's see what happens.

  5. CP
    Really Doc? You risk your credibility to post this nonsense? Smh.
  6. Andrew Chalkley
    How about just sugar water? How about Diet Coke? How about Fanta? How about a strawberry smoothy? How about anything with a different pH than water? How about skimmed milk? Whole milk? Heavy cream? Cow blood?

    My comment is saner than this video.

  7. M Prakash
    I have avoided sugar for more than a decade and eat loiw carb. Even I can't stand to read such nonsensical things. This is a disservice to everyone.
  8. P Hill
    No actually it is a service to all of us! It makes us stop and realize what sugar and carbonation are doing ! Carbonation is a gas our stomach stretch when we fill it with sodas add in sugar and you have a bad situation. If a cola can clean a car battery cable then jeez what's it doing to our insides!!
    Kudos to the doctor to making us think once again about what we put in our mouths and our bodies!! I've been soda free for 8 years this August!
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  9. bill
    Water can clean a battery cable:


    I vote for "disservice."

    Reply: #12
  10. Andrew Chalkley
    @P hill

    Did you know stomach acid can eat through tooth enamel? I bet it can eat right through battery cable!

    Did you know eating anything can stretch your stomach too?

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  12. Katrina
  13. Dawn
    I actually like the video. Obviously people are not flowers, but living carbon based cells that require water for their cellular processes have similarities. As I watched the flower in the coke start to wilt and crumple, while the water flower perked up and twirled around, it was very visually impactful. I too feel crappy and deflated after drinking sugar laden beverages, and sometimes a little nauseous. I’m not a flower, but my cells REQUIRE H2O, just like the flower’s.

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