What do Americans eat the most of?


Apparently the top source of calories in the US is “grain-based desserts”, the second is bread and the fourth is soda. Sounds like a perfect prescription for getting to the top of the obesity league. Because you can’t outrun a bad diet.


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  1. bill
    Just plain old chicken? Are you sure
    it's not breaded and saturated in some
    sort of oil?
  2. tony
    I'm baffled that we only see overweight/obesity stats of Americans in this web site when according to the WHO, more than half of the Swedish population are overweight/obese.


    Are the overweight/obese Swedes skinnier than Americans?

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  3. Apicius
    Tony, I'm baffled by your post. Do you realize that you have presented data arguing against yourself? Take a look at your data...for example GBR (Great Britain) consumes less saturated fat, less salt and more fruits & veg, but are more obese and overweight than the Swedes. So, the conclusion is.......
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  4. chris c
    The conclusion is obviously that the British are still eating too much fat and not enough carbs, hence


    I suspect that IF this is followed the difference between the UK and Sweden will become ever more extreme.

  5. tony
    Apicius, evidently you have severe comprehension problems. The purpose of my post was to illustrate that the good doctor only shows overweight/obesity stats of Americans and never his compatriots who are nowhere near all being slim.

    After you mentioned saturated fat, less salt and more fruits & veg, I asked myself "what the hell is going on out here?"

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  6. Apicius
    Tony, careful with the vague overweight and obese terminology being used. Some based on BMI, others on different indices. Also check out the numerous cardio stats studies done in Europe (too bad the same thorough study us not done in North America) and you can find the severe difference of the health of some nations better than others. And the trend seems to be, those who eat more fat, and saturated fat (like in France, Switzerland, etc) are less overweight and less cardio issues than other nations that consume more carbs and eat less saturated fat. I find it challenging finding studies that span the globe and measure everyone the same way. So, geographical pockets of studies exist, with numerous variations in terminology. The challenge is to piece together the spotty sources of evidence and try to figure out what the heck is going on.
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  7. tony
    Nothing you are saying has anything to do with my posts at numbers 2 and 4.

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