What causes stomach problems – gluten or carbs?

Many people believe themselves to be gluten intolerant, without a positive result on tests (so called nonceliac gluten sensitivity). These people may instead react to carbohydrates (fructans and galactans) in wheat.

Nutrition Journal: The relation between celiac disease, nonceliac gluten sensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome

Which prompted this tweet from Dr. Ted Naiman:

Many people experience relief from symptoms like bloating and stomach pain on an LCHF diet. This not only removes the gluten but also the offending carbs.


  1. Soul
    Having a stomach condition, not being a celiac but finding avoiding wheat beneficial for the overly grumpy gut, I've often thought that eating fewer carbs and largely avoiding yeast could be why I'm seeing benefit - along with the mention of other items found in wheat being potential problems.

    Another theory I've had for awhile rolling in my mind is the almost always combination of wheat and dairy products together. the two come as a package. When eating a wheat product it is almost always combined with a dairy/milk item, with examples of bread and butter, cereal and milk, spaghetti and cheese, pizza, lasagna, cookies and milk, etc. When avoiding wheat, dairy consumption would be cut back, typically.

  2. John B. Switzer
    I discovered the connection completely by accident. I started avoiding processed carbs in order to lose weight and wow, my acid reflux went away!

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