Welcome to the new Diet Doctor site!

New Design

Does this site look different today? You’re not imagining it, we just launched a major ongoing redesign.

For a long time you have told us that it’s too hard to find what you are looking for at DietDoctor. The purpose of the redesign is to make it MUCH easier to find the most important content. Thus we’ve moved the blog away from the Diet Doctor homepage. Instead we devote the main page to links to our best content, so that it’s easy to find.

To find the blog, press “news” in the brand new top menu. There you can also always find links to the blog news page, etc., in the top right corner.

We’re also working on massive redesigns, additions and improvements on our main pages, like those about LCHF, Weight Loss and Diabetes. These updates will go live as soon as they are ready.

Remember this redesign is very much a work in progress. We launch it now fully aware that everything is not perfect yet. We’ll keep improving everything as fast as we can.

Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

What do you think about the new site? Is anything not working right? Do you have any improvements you’d like to suggest?


  1. Fredrik Söderlund
    Looks great!
    Its an easy-navigated front page for the first-time visitor so that they can start helping themselves within a few seconds.
  2. svenskaresebloggen.
    You have done an awsome work. I like it a lot. Its easier to find things.
  3. Cindy
    Much more professional looking.
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  5. Alice Yucht
    Please consider including transcripts for all videos!
  6. Val
    Just spent some time navigating the new site. Things are much easier to find now (you have to spend a few minutes poking around to get the feel for it). I had to laugh, my brother was visiting me this week and he converted to a LCHF lifestyle while here. We spent a couple of hours last night going over this website and how to find things. This morning he opened the site and said, "Hey, why does this look different?" He is gone now but once he starts poking around, he will find all the great content very easily.
  7. Adrian
    Loved the new redesign!
  8. Birgitta Höglund
    Looking good. LCHF is both nice and easy, just like your new look :)


  9. Valerie

    There is a problem with the font display. Specifically, in the lower three boxes on the home page, the smaller font is all but unreadable. The very big fonts seem ok.

    I am using an Android tablet with Chrome. Requesting the desktop site doesn't change anything.

    Hope that helps.

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  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks, we'll have a look at that.
  11. Nicole Champeau
    Looks great! I love how you're always working to help the people who use (and love!) Your website.
  12. Jerilyn Carroll
    im looking at the new page and can't find membership login and presentations for members. When I search for the diet doctor, I can't get to membership login and choices. Can you tell me how to access as a member?
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  13. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Click the person icon in the menu for login (or use the big button at the top of the mobile menu).

    Alternatively there's an extra login a bit down on the page you get to by pressing "membership" in the menu bar.

    We'll see how we can make it more intuitive so it's super easy. Thanks for letting us know we're not there yet.

    Hi Andreas, The new site looks great. However ,my first "port of call "is always to the new testimonials. On the old site they would appear on the home page and therefore were instantly obtainable and accessible. I believe they are at the heart of the Diet doctor mission.
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  15. Paul TR
    CICO dunces are you still here?

    Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015 Jul 11. pii: S0925-4439(15)00201-X. doi: 10.1016/j.bbadis.2015.07.009. [Epub ahead of print]
    Adaptive changes in amino acid metabolism permit normal longevity in mice consuming a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet.
    Douris N1, Melman T2, Pecherer JM1, Pissios P1, Flier JS1, Cantley LC3, Locasale JW4, Maratos-Flier E5.
    Author information

    Ingestion of very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets (KD) is associated with weight loss, lowering of glucose and insulin levels and improved systemic insulin sensitivity. However, the beneficial effects of long-term feeding have been the subject of debate. We therefore studied the effects of lifelong consumption of this diet in mice. Complete metabolic analyses were performed after 8 and 80weeks on the diet. In addition we performed a serum metabolomic analysis and examined hepatic gene expression. Lifelong consumption of KD had no effect on morbidity or mortality (KD vs. Chow, 676 vs. 630days) despite hepatic steatosis and inflammation in KD mice. The KD fed mice lost weight initially as previously reported (Kennnedy et al., 2007) and remained lighter and had less fat mass; KD consuming mice had higher levels of energy expenditure, improved glucose homeostasis and higher circulating levels of β-hydroxybutyrate and triglycerides than chow-fed controls. Hepatic expression of the critical metabolic regulators including fibroblast growth factor 21 was also higher in KD-fed mice while expression levels of lipogenic enzymes such as stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 was reduced. Metabolomic analysis revealed compensatory changes in amino acid metabolism, primarily involving down-regulation of catabolic processes, demonstrating that mice eating KD can shift amino acid metabolism to conserve amino acid levels.

    Long-term KD feeding caused profound and persistent metabolic changes, the majority of which are seen as health promoting, and had no adverse effects on survival in mice.

  16. Bev
    Can we have a 'latest comments' link for the membership pages, too, please? At the moment we have to trawl to each members topic and then scroll to find comments. It would be good to have the functionality from this page mirrored on the membership pages so that we can see latest comments and Ask the Experts/Diet Doctor questions easily.
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  17. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    In the future I'll try to put the newest testimonials first on the success stories page or at least you'll always easily find them through the link to "every success story" on the success story page. Does that sound good to you?


  18. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I love that idea! Unfortunately our full-time IT guy is on a brief summer vacation now, but we'll get on this and many other pending improvements when he's back.
  19. Bev
    Thank you, Andreas - forgot to say I love the revamp - great job!
    That sounds good thanks Andreas. But it was always great to simply log on to the site and automatically be inspired by another success story directly on the home page. It would stand out like a "headline". This made the site both dynamic and easy to see what is new.
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  21. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    How about just using this link from now on?
  22. Fredrik Söderlund
    On the new frontpage i think the linked pictures that says "Reverse your type 2 diabetes" and "How to loose weight" should always be "nailed/visible" as a service for newcomers/your most important visitors.
  23. tony
    Dr. Andreas, your new site is awesome. My concern is will it still be here 50 years from now.
    Replies: #24, #25
  24. Paul TR
    "will it still be here 50 years from now."
    well, it depends, if local caliph will allow it than it will be.
  25. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    It will be here as long as I am. And hopefully much longer than that.
  26. donna
    I'm a new member and don't know how to access site do I google http://www.dietdoctor.com I'm not very good on the computer. Thanks for any feedback
    Reply: #27
  27. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Donna, what part of the site do you want to access? Here is the membership part of the site.
  28. Eileen
    I haven’t yet found a quick way to get to log in for members.
    Reply: #29
  29. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    The login button is at the top right on every page.

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