Welcome to the new Diet Doctor

Do you think that this page looks different today? It has just received a big update. Hopefully you’ll like it.

Feel free to let me know what you think. What’s good? What could be improved?


  1. Alexandra M
    The only problem I see it that your caricature looks like a vegetarian! (Holding broccoli, wearing green.)

    Personally, I don't like caricatures but others may feel differently. I think caricatures give a "jokey" feel to things.

    Other than that, it looks nice and clean.

  2. MarkR
    I agree with Alexandra. I do eat a lot of broccoli, but maybe you should be holding a fish or a hunk of beef or even a pound of butter. The caricature, I can do without.
  3. Jen
    The new blog layout is nice. But the header isn't good.

    Honestly, Andreas, the header looks like it was designed by someone who read an article from 2007 on what was hip & cutting-edge in blog design. For a month or so, every single blog on the web had a caricature in the header. But now, it just looks dated and lame.

    And it makes you look overcommercial. (Which is a particular shame, since as far as I can tell, you're not selling anything!)

    My opinion: You are the picture of health, so it should be a real picture of you.

    Something like the photo on the following website (but not necessarily that layout):


    Standing, wearing scrubs if you operate (white coat if you don't), shot against a white background with soft light by a young, top-quality photographer in your city. Maybe shoot a few leaning against a white "counter" so it can be made to look like you're leaning on the top nav menu.

    My 2 cents. (American expression for "humble opinion." :-) )

  4. Tara
    I like the cartoon! Though I agree that it looks vegetarian. Maybe holding a haunch of venison instead... ;)

    I do realize, though, that it's hard to convince people you're working for their health if you're displaying something believed to be dangerous (a stick of butter, a rasher of bacon, a quart of heavy cream, etc.).

  5. Ramona
    Ditto on the real picture of YOU! Nice sight, love your work, amigo!
  6. Bearhands
    Site feels easier to navigate, with a clearer layout, which is great. Agree with some of the comments about the caricature though - possibly detracts from the seriousness of the sites contents and aims?! Might come across slightly commercial as someone mentioned...I would rather see a picture of the real you if you want to ide tofy yourself in the header. The rest is a definite improvement though .
  7. Margaretrc
    I agree with Tara. If he wants to draw in outsiders whose view of health involves veggies, and not scare them away, this is the right image. Time enough later to introduce them to meat and fat. After all, broccoli is part of the LCHF WOE--for those of us that like it.
  8. Yes, another vote for a the real picture of you. Andreas, you are absolutely the healthiest looking person I have ever seen, (except maybe the rest of your family, who are also gorgeous! :-) The **real** you would be much better, I honestly believe!

    Also, I don't see an "About Me" section that tells your particulars (forgive me if I missed it), but people want to know about YOU...your credentials (not necessarily in detail, but that you've been a doctor for X number of years, specializing in blahblahblah...." like that...and how you are knowledgeable about nutrition.)

    Never mind - I see it now, but maybe you should have a direct "About Me" link so people can easily access it. Don't make them guess! Also, Yay on the real photo of you on the About Me page...now, please put one in the header! :-)

  9. panny
    Have to agree with the above... real picture adds more credibility. And holding butter!!
  10. Katya
    Please change the cartoon to a photo; it really cheapens the look of the site and as others have said makes it look as if you are selling something. Also the little section 'latest comments' at the top of each page was a really useful feature for me as a frequent visitor as I could tell at a glance if there were new comments to scroll down for. Otherwise it seems fine, though the old one was too; it is the intelligent information that I am after!
  11. DoragonMama
    Yes please put a real picture of yourself, this caricature does nothing but make this site look less intelligent than it is and you are way better looking than that cartoon.

    The broccoli isn't what I would put there, perhaps nothing is needed, just your picture and let the information speak for itself.

    New layout is nice though!!

  12. moreporkplease
    I second the photo idea: both pix of you in your "doctor coat" and also of your gorgeous healthy family. Your baby & partner are so gorgeous - everyone wants your lifestyle! :)
  13. Becky
    Yes, Andreas, a professional shot of yourself, plus, elsewhere, perhaps a family photo if you are comfortable with that.
  14. About the broccoli - On the Swedish site it changes to different food stuff every day. I guess it'll do the same here.

    About illustration vs real photo - Maybe it's a cultural thing? I know for instance that if doc would have a pic of himself I would feel that he's selling himself, whereas now it's a more "general" doc who's selling health.

    @Katya, you have it to the right, next to 'popular'.

    Andreas, the Swedish flag up in the corner isn't really in blue & yellow. Maybe it's my screen or maybe it needs to be adjusted?

  15. JAUS
    Don't forget that "thumbs" up are available now also.
  16. Katya
    Dina - oops! Thank you :-)
  17. Nice, clean redesign. I, for one, like both the header and the rotating cartoon figure. Great new look.
  18. Daniel FE.
    i dont mind the carton, but the veggies your cartoon is holding, makes it seem this is a vegetarian geared site.
  19. I like the layout but I think the header is to tall - takes to much real estate at the top of my screen.

    I draw caricatures so I do like cartoons, but don't care for this one.

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