1. Diane
    Ew. The food manufacturers rush to create low carb ready-meals. I fear the day this happens in the US. It's nice to have all the real butter to myself and not have to wade through a sea of "products" to find real food.
  2. Ralph, Cleethorpes
    Milk and fermented dairy cause high levels of insulin release.

    I notice the article manages to include a warning about the 'potential dangers' of eating fat.

  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    It's not the fat that causes insulin release, it's the high quality dairy protein.

    Using full fat dairy means you'll eat less (as it's more satiating) i.e. you'll get less insulin release than when using low fat dairy.

  4. JAUS
    Doc: Have you read "The devil in the milk"? I have read that A1 milk can cause diabetes because of the BCM7:

    "The BCM-7 molecule can attach itself to the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas, prompting an autoimmune destruction of the beta cells, leading to diabetes. It is a strong oxidant, and can oxidize LDL cholesterol, contributing to plague build-up in the arteries."

    If this is true then it's quite important to choose A2 dairy instead of A1 if possible

  5. What troubles me is the rise of so-called low-carb bread, which almost certainly isn't actually low-carb at all. (The Doc should write a post about that stuff!) Wheat bread is its own appetite stimulant; the more you eat the more you want, whether it's low in carbs or not.

    Like the craze for artificially sweetened treats in the Atkins days, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding and misrepresentation of LCHF as a "diet" which is just like any other: one that restricts the things we all REALLY want to eat.

    People, corporations and government health officials need to realise that you lose your cravings for these foods once you stop eating them. In fact, cutting out carbs, especially wheat carbs, reduces your cravings for practically every other food to the tune of hundreds of calories each day. In fact, I'm fasting today and functioning normally with very little hunger.

    Every time the media implies that Scandinavians are using all this extra butter for "baking" I cringe.

  6. Ralph, Cleethorpes
    Thanks Doc. I thought it was the double bonded sugars that caused high insulin release. The comment about fat was sarcasm btw.

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