Weight loss tip: Eat less dairy

Eat less dairy to lose weight

Eat less dairy to lose weight

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? We’ll repeat our best weight-loss tips (besides trying a low-carb diet) during the next few weeks. Like the tip below.

There are some foods that are relatively low in carbs, but which still can inhibit your efforts to lose weight. If you’re struggling to lose weight on low carb they could be holding you back. Dairy products (except for butter) are a great example.

First, dairy products contain a modest amount of carbs (like lactose), which can slow weight loss on low carb. Secondly, they have milk proteins which stimulate the fat-storing hormone insulin, also slowing fat loss.

Butter is the exception, as it contains mainly fat and only tiny amounts of carbs or milk protein.

So if you’re having trouble losing weight, it is a great idea to cut out dairy products (or at least eat less of them).


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  2. Kylie
    I am concerned about insufficient calcium intake if I reduce the amount of dairy intake. Has anyone that has done this had their bone density tested? What daily intake do you recommend on LCHF? Also been eating lchf for 11 days & am still having bad dizzy spells & whole body feeling very heavy so it's hard to exercise. Have been having bouillon, etc. How long do these symptoms continue?!
    Thanx, Kylie.
  3. Jeannie
    I reviewed the website you suggest little or no cheese however some of your recipes and suggested snacks include cheese. Such as baby bell cheese. Can you clarify
  4. Ken
    Both of the above questions are ones I am concerned about. Could we please et a response to these questions? Thanks!

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