No weight loss? Consume less dairy


Are you not losing weight? Here’s a tip that works well for many people: Try to consume less of dairy products.

The lactose and protein in dairy could be keeping you from losing weight. Dairy products contain varying amounts of lactose (the milk sugar), which slows down weight loss. What’s more, part of the protein in milk generates a significant insulin response, which can have the same effect.

Milk is originally for babies and this growth signal is perfect for them. For adults, it may just result in horizontal growth instead. And cutting back on dairy products can result in weight loss.

Definitely avoid all low-fat dairy products. They just tend to accentuate the potential problem. As the satiety effect of the fat is removed, people easily consume more of it instead.

Protein powder is pure milk protein. It may be helpful for building slightly more muscles, but people build their midsections at the same time.

Exempt from all these dairy-product warnings is butter, which is almost pure fat. Butter may be consumed liberally whenever hungry.

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  1. BobM
    This is one thing I haven't done. If anything, I've increased my dairy content by eating more cheese. I select the cheeses that are at least 75 % fat. I also still eat (full fat) yoghurt and cream and sour cream.

    After living without this for 30+ years of eating very low fat, cheese, cream, sour cream, and yoghurt taste good. And it's difficult at times to eat high fat since all meats these days seem like they're not high in fat. Cheese in particular helps with that.

    My primary meals are meat and vegetables, but I haven't totally got rid of dairy.

  2. murray
    BobM, I also still have dairy but I don't have milk. Mostly I have artisan cheeses, cultured butter, ghee, double cream and yoghurt/kefir (in limited amount, for the probiotics). All of these have limited lactose (which is drastically reduced or eliminated by fat separation or bacterial fermentation) and the limited residual lactose has no fructose, which is good. I do have concern about getting too much protein, so I keep cheese moderate and especially limit yoghurt/kefir. With cheese the whey (which has high insulin effect) is drained off so the insulin index is lowered.

    I try to avoid lean cuts of meat. With meat I now generally pair with a mousse of avocado and EV olive oil (to boost the fat even more), with appropriate spicing. I've got our family hooked on that and they now prefer meats with an avocado mousse or guacamole.

  3. John Myers
    This site is a good resource for insulin response to certain foods:
  4. chris c
    Yes me too. Perversely I prefer skimmed milk, but then I only use it in coffee. Most of my dairy is grass-fed butter and Real Cheese, and double cream. Good for the fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin K2.
  5. Mary Jane Starnes
    I've been LCHF for 10 weeks, I was on a wholesome diet before but with carb and was overweight. I have lost 5 kg but for the last 2 weeks I have lost no weight I am losing faith in this diet. I only eat when hungry which is usually one small meal a day of meat or egg about 1/2 cup of vegetable and some extra fat - sometimes two small meals a day. I don't eat dairy I have lard and coconut oil and olive oil.
    Where have I been getting my energy from for the last two weeks? I'm not eating enough calories a day for my level of activity I must be burning fat....only I'm not, I don't understand it. I started this diet to lose weight not for health reasons. It is a big change not being hungry at all and eating so little. I feel I should be losing weight. Now I am doubting, perhaps this diet is not for everyone.
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  6. Thirza
    Hi there Mary Jane. I know where you're coming from. Did anyone offer any suggestion? I'm in the exact same position. :(
  7. Karen
    Hi Mary Jane, from other weight loss groups I'm on like Trim Healthy Momma, most women say they lose fast and then they won't lose anything for a while. This is totally acceptable as the body is healing and regulating itself. Remember, you body has to adjust to its new way of burning fuel as well as other factors such as healing in your liver, pancreas, muscle tissues changing , and as women we have hormones thrown into the mix! Be sure to drink lots of filtered water. Also dry brushing helps remove any toxens stored in the body. You can google what dry brushing is and how to do it. It's very effective! Taking Epsom salt baths is also healing for the body and detoxes.
  8. Olga
    I have been on LCHF for about three months, not to strict, as I had not much to lose. So little cheats here and there occured, but lchf remained my lifestyle. A month ago I started preparing to marathon and running every second day. I was shocked to find out that I put on 2 kilos! And it is not only muscles, as I see my body not looking as lean as before. After doing analysis I realized I have GREATLY increased intake of cream and soft cheeses in this period (I am not eating any meat, so it's a bit complicated). Trying to cut on dairy now. Apart from that I am super happy to have no craving and getting rid from snacks in my life completely.

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