Should weight-loss surgery be the standard treatment for type 2 diabetes?


Experts are calling for weight-loss surgery to be routinely offered to many people with type 2 diabetes:

Diabetes UK: International Experts Say Weight Loss Surgery Should Treat Type 2 Diabetes

The surgery often resolves the type 2 diabetes, at least in the short term. But it’s a surgery with a relatively high risk of complications, and it’s not fully reversible. Some people bitterly regret having it.

More fundamentally, obesity and type 2 diabetes are not caused by a disease in the stomach. There’s no disease where the surgeon is operating. We’re operating on healthy organs.

There’s something quite disturbing about routinely removing or surgically altering healthy bodily organs.

Fortunately it’s possible to get the effect of surgery without a surgeon, without the side effects, and for free.


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