Watch the movie that exposes the cholesterol cover-up

Is high cholesterol the main cause of heart disease? Are cholesterol-lowering drugs miracle drugs, nearly free of side-effects, that the majority of the adult population needs to take every day?

This movie exposes the exaggerations and the grossly misleading marketing of daily medications to people who don’t need them. That is, most people who take cholesterol-lowering drugs without having heart disease. That’s when the risk of bad side effects (that are silenced) usually outweighs the benefit.

There’s another problem: total focus on cholesterol is profitable for the pharmaceutical industry, but it sucks energy from all other effective lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease. Real health is not to be found in a bottle of pills.

Statin Nation

The movie Statin Nation does a good job of providing information about the cholesterol cover-up. We are now able to stream the movie online for our members (free trial available).

You can watch the trailer above. Watch the full movie here: Statin Nation (for members).

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  1. Lizz
    I'm be watching the movie but....
    I've been LC and following Paleo for years. My numbers were excellent a few years ago. My HDL was 117 and although I can't recall the exact numbers my LDL was fine and so were my trigs. Not changing anything except going through menopause my numbers are not looking so good now. My LDL has risen significantly to "borderline" and my HDL has fallen to the 80's which I know is good but it is a concern to me that it is falling. Should I not worry about it? Do these numbers mean nothing?

    I appreciate your blog. Thank you.

  2. t.j.
    Yes, there is a movie about reversing diabetes2 from the Netherlands.
    It has English undertiteling.
    It's from the Foundation "Voeding Leeft" (food is alive).
    We follow a group of db2 who, in six months loose weight and get rid of their medication!
    April 13th they started with the second group.

  3. Barb
    Best blog for diabetes/obesity ever ! Mine is gone...numbers consistently between 4 and 7 since day three of changing my eating and of course the weight is following. I have watched every item on the blog...literally...some several times. I love to combine you with Dr. Fung resulting in LCHF and intermittent fasting...PERFECT for me...but...seems there is always a but...I would so appreciate it if you might take some time to look into the psychological aspects of this change in lifestyle. I have no problem whatsoever with the diet...the satiety being excellent...the ever expanding number of recipes available...and so much advice at our fingertips...but what about the empty hours that use to be socializing over way too much food ? The little messages from the brain saying "wait just one minute you cannot eat that...look at all the fat" or the false hunger signals just because it is what once was supposed to be 'meal time'. I think people might just appreciate some psychological information to support making these somewhat radical changes that seem so against what has been drilled into us for the last 30 years. I find the psychology of this change far more challenging than switching to the diet or the fasting !
  4. Cindy C
    For many women, it can take a while to get over the "fear of fat" an the "fear of getting fat". I enjoy going out to eat with friends, and they know, I have a problem with wheat and sugar. I can say, and be truthful, that wheat causes me rashes, and that and sugar causes blood sugar crashes. Many women have heard(on Dr Oz), about we can safely add butter and meat fat to our diet, but I have doubts they are really cutting down on baked goods and sugar and adding fat instead. About eating with friends, it is noted that we can be influenced by what our friends are eating, and how much. Your example may spur others to eat different. It can be good for our health, just having a good social connection. Even if I cheat a bit being around very tempting food, the company of friends and family can be good as well. However, some of us have to be much more careful, in that a little can trigger wanting a lot, so how much time is spent out, and how much can you resist. I have always fought sugar addiction, and did pretty good for 30 years, but now do a lot better, by added that fat, that I used to cut off my meat.
    Reply: #5
  5. Vicente
    "When I eat the right food, I don't need discipline"

    (quoted from this amazing documentary (it has english captions))

  6. Cindy C
    Thanks, yes, it is hard to carry some fat with me. Especially in hot weather, the coconut oil melts. I do ask for butter at a restaurant, but most places have "spreads". Eating the fattest meat I can while being out helps. That was a very good documentary.
  7. Karen
    I've been a bit shocked to find out that so many people close to me have been prescribed statins. Naive of me perhaps? So, I investigated, spurred on by statin nation. Since the prescription of statins is based on a risk analysis of a possible future event, I thought that recent findings that the risk analysis tools over-estimate the risks enough to take people from not-needing statins to being prescribed them was very interesting. (articles available on request).

    And this quote which I have copied directly From Medscape discussion concerning the use of statins in primary prevention of heart disease: David M. Frisch M. D. FACC
    Associate Clinical Professor, UCLA
    Cardiologist, Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute
    "While the people you quote are not academic "opinion leaders," the point is still clearly well taken. The problem is that there is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes and therefore since carbohydrates are almost equivalent to cocaine in their addictive affect there remains a major role for statins and other lipid drugs. If this country relies primarily on diet to prevent heart disease, then we are in lots of trouble. Diet and exercise are great, but only a minority of people adhere to lifestyle approaches over time."

    In other words.......statins or dietary control limiting carbohydrate.

  8. Cheri
    Was on a statin 80 mg per day for a year and a half. Finally spoke w a doc to lower it to 40mg per day. Am also on metformin, plavix, lisinopril. Had a 3 strokes last year. Want to stop taking the drugs. Have never believed in drugs before the stroke. Am 70 years old. Buy organic for years. I think the stress of working caused my strokes. I am finally retiring. Think the drugs is keeping me from healing. Any suggestions?
    Reply: #9
  9. Geraldine Denise
    Yes, the statistics say that the Statins only give you a small advantage, do more research & you'll discover it's not worth while to take them.
    Take charge of your health. At your age if you've made it this far you have nothing to lose. But do take note that the other aspects of your life should be healthy, Low Carb diet, plenty of exercise, working out etc. Weight control, lose weight if you are overweight. Just cutting out drugs isn't going to be good for you if the rest isn't under control.

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