Watch all of the Low Carb Breckenridge conference – now with time stamps


Did you miss the live stream of Low Carb Breckenridge this month? It was one of the top low-carb conferences ever, with an exceptionally strong field of presenters.

You can still watch the whole conference until March 27th. Now we have also added time stamps (thanks to Leo Tseng) so that you can cherry pick what to watch.

Watch all the presentations and Q&A sessions here, with a membership or a free trial:

Live stream: Low Carb Breckenridge

Contents – Friday


5:41 Welcome Day One. Speakers: Dr. Jeffry Gerber, Dr. Rod Tayler

23:47 What is the worst that could happen…? The past, present and future of translational research in hyperinsulinaemia. Speakers: Catherine Crofts

0:00:00 (second, longer video) An Engineering Approach to Chronic Disease Prevention. Speaker: Ivor Cummins

0:16:00 Cholesterol is a Passenger, Not a Driver. Speaker: Dave Feldman

1:13:02 Dietary Sodium Consumption, Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality: What is the Current Evidence? Speaker: Andrew Mente

1:44:15 Is Low Carb Enough? : A Look at Food Quality and Ancestral Principles. Speaker: Erynn Kay

2:28:15 Q&A Day One AM Session. Speakers: Catherine Crofts, Ivor Cummins, Dave Feldman, Erynn Kay, Andrew Mente

4:44:14 Inflammation, Nutritional Ketosis, and Metabolic Disease. Speaker: Prof. Steve Phinney

5:13:42 The Unknown Story of Vegetable Oils: their History and Impact on Health. Speaker: Nina Teicholz

5:50:02 Our Descent Into Madness – Modern Diets and the Global Mental Health Crisis. Speaker: Dr. Georgia Ede

6:38:25 Metabolic Flexibility: The Rosetta Stone of the Macronutrient Wars? Speaker: Robb Wolf

7:17:36 The Food Revolution. Speaker: Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

8:01:00 Q&A Day One PM Session Speakers: Georgia Ede, Andreas Eenfeldt, Steve Phinney, Nina Teicholz, Robb Wolf




1:05:28 Welcome Day Two. Speakers: Dr. Jeffry Gerber, Dr. Rod Tayler

1:15:05 Insulin vs. Glucagon: The relevance of dietary protein. Speaker: Benjamin Bickman

1:54:13 Metabolic Effects of Fasting: A Two-Edged Sword. Speaker: Professor Steve Phinney

2:17:19 Medical nutrition therapy for people with type 1 diabetes: fact versus fiction. Speaker: Dr. Jake Kushner

3:19:12 A Century of Progress: Ketogenic Diets for Epilepsy in Children and Adults. Speaker: Dr. Eric Kossoff

3:51:15 Red Meat and Health: Separating Fact from Fiction. Speaker: Nina Teicholz

4:38:20 Q&A Day Two AM Session. Speakers: Benjamin Bickman, Dr. Eric Kossoff, Dr, Jake Kushner, Professor Steve Phinney, Nina Teicholz

6:49:16 Ketogenic Diet for Diabetes. Speaker: Dr. Sarah Hallberg

7:20:18 Clinical Experience using LCHF in a Medical Setting. Speaker: Dr. Eric Westman

7:44:50 Dietary Fat, Carbohydrate Consumption, Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality in PURE: A More Complete Picture. Speaker: Andrew Mente

8:43:36 An Assessment of Cardiovascular Risks of a Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet. Speaker: Dr. David Diamond

9:17:13 Fats or Carbs for High Performance? Speaker: Dr. Peter Brukner

9:57:24 Q&A Day Two PM Session. Speaker: Dr. Peter Brukner, Dr. David Diamond, Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Andrew Mente, Dr. Eric Westman




0:26:20 A new hypothesis of obesity. Speakers: Dr. Mike Eades

1:11:35 The Little Hospital That Could – Creating a Sugar Free and Low Carb Friendly Hospital. Speakers: Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

1:46:51 Chronic Pain and the Low Carb and Ketogenic Diets Speakers: Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy, Hala Lahlou

2:42:00 Practical Fasting: The clinical application of therapeutic fasting in the treatment of metabolic syndrome. Speakers: Megan Ramos

3:27:30 The nature of Nature: Healthy Humans with Hobbes and Rousseau. Speaker: Nick Mailer

4:08:22 Q&A Day Three AM Session. Speakers: Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Dr. Mike Eades, Hala Lahlou, Nick Mailer, Megan Ramos

5:58:56 Ketosis without starvation: the human advantage. Speaker: L. Amber O’Hearn

6:26:12 Results of a Mixed Methods Investigation of Type 2 Diabetics who Followed a LCHF Diet Long-Term.Speaker: Chris Webster

6:54:30 Q&A Day Three PM Session, all speakers

7:48:38 Thank you! Pete Williams!

7:49:40 Five Minutes of Fame – Hear from other attendees


All photos above are from Dr. Ted Eytan.


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  2. Françoise
    Thank you so much for letting us see these videos. Great conferences.
  3. Darla
    As a participant of LC Breck 2018, I've been re-watching via the email link provided and making my own time notes. DUH - should have known DietDoctor would graciously have done this for us! As always, great to see DD staff at the conference. "Making low carb simple" indeed - and doing it with such humility, humor, and class. THANK YOU
  4. Pam
    Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!! I missed previous conferences you offered here. This makes the membership fee a steal! Loved being able to hear these wonderful speakers and the Q & A!! Loved it all. Can't thank you enough.

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