Warnings against the Atkins diet “outdated”

Updated researchers now take LCHF diets very seriously:

Gary Foster, director of the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University in Philadelphia…

“We have passed the time where we would say the Atkins diet is bad for you. That’s an outdated position,” Foster says. “This is a viable alternative for weight loss.”

USA Today: Low-carb diet gets more support from new analysis

I wrote about this analysis last week.


  1. We need that here in America badly more support an Media telling people of a proper human diet.Which is ,yes that's right LCHF :P

    Doctor I have a question about being in Keto.Do you produce more bubbles or foam in urine wile in heavy Keto? A dietician told a friend of mine that he put on a low carb diet that it did.I have noticed it now that in longer periods with out food and in heavy states of exercise I too notice this.I tried researching it online but could not find a reference to it. I eat almost no carbs my fuel is fat.

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  2. Wolfstriked
    I get this phenomenon to such an extent that the foam can rise 6 inches off the surface of the water.What I hate is that I feel unhealthy when that happens and the occasional times when I get no foam at all I feel very healthy.I asked a few doctors in real and on the net and they all said same response,its normal.When the foam subsides it looks like a layer of calcium on the surface of the water.Would really love to know what it is and what I am spilling in huge amounts to maybe be able to do something about it.
  3. Wade Henderson
    Key points.

    -"A lot of these favorable effects are due to the weight loss itself, not to the specific diet,"

    -"A review of 17 different studies that followed a total of 1,141 obese patients-----found that dieters lost an average of almost 18 pounds in six months to a year.

    Six months to a year. Are there any studies lasting 3 to 6 or more years to see what really happens to the heart and entire vascular system?
    Anything similar to Framingham?

  4. Eheu
    Perhaps it would be useful for you to read the first lines of the article:
  5. Thanks Eheu but it is not protein.It happens when I do not eat for like 6 hours or even if I eat all fat and limit protein.This was said by a local dietician specializing in Keto style diets that the more bubbles the more fat you are burning in Keto to friend of mine he put on the diet.I have been on a low carb diet now for around 10 years. I really never really noticed it at all before until this was told to me so started looking for it.Was wondering if excessive fat burning can show up as same way and were the dietician got there info from but it seems to be true.
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  6. Mindaugas
    Hi Thrand, i have the same problem on keto now. After 6 months of diet i started noticing a big foam, especially in the first morning pee. I was wondering do you have more information about this after you posted in these comments, because im kinda freaking out :)
  7. LowCarbDeath
    Everything I read says excessive foam for long periods of time = kidney damage. Your kidneys are supposed to recycle protein not let it leak into your urine. Now it won't get 100% and a low carb diet with high protein might increase it a bit even in a healthy person. But when I read about 6 inches of foam I think your kidneys are not doing their job (or you have toilet cleaner in the bowl). You can do low carb without excessively high protein, but it means a lot more salad (with only blue cheese or Caesar salad dressing) and a lot less meat and cheese. I know. Salad sucks. I'd rather keep eating steaks, lobsters, chickens and big blocks of extra extra sharp Irish or English cheddar, but the foam scares me (and the high grocery bills are bad too as meat/cheese costs a lot more than a loaf of bread and some tomatoes). I'm getting tested for kidney function next week. Flank pain, years of foamy urine, water in my ankles when I'm off low carb all add up to kidney damage according to most online sources. Gee. Great. Thank you Dr. Atkins for destroying my kidneys! (He probably tripped and hit his head because kidney failure can cause confusion and stumbling).

    The worst part is you gain the weight back in the year or two following reaching your goal because once you start eating the good stuff again (pasta, bread, deserts) you go back right to your old habits and before you know it, you've put the 50 pounds back on again. I know. I've been through it before and I don't think anyone can eat low carb (or keto) the rest of their life without being more miserable than an early death from being fat. You have to learn to eat less permanently or you're just going to Yo-Yo and and doing the Yo-Yo at the cost of your kidneys seems like a high price to pay, IMO. I hope I'm wrong and my kidneys are fine, but not all the foam stops all the time after getting off low carb for awhile. I still get more foam in the morning and on many days than I did before ever doing that infernal diet.

  8. Barbara
    Keto/LCHF aren't meant to be short-term diets to lose weight. They are long-term lifestyles meant to increase health FOREVER. If you go back to SAD, you WILL gain the weight back. Please read the lit.

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