Do you want tips and ideas for handling the upcoming holidays?

Are you celebrating the holidays with a non-low-carb family? Or are you out of good ideas for cooking low-carb holiday dishes?

The Low Carb Dietitian has posted a neat overview of potential problems many low-carb fans run into during the holidays, and shares their best tips and food ideas.

LCD: Tips for Healthy Low Carb Holiday Eating

Below are some more tips.


What to Eat on Low Carb

Traditional Real Food for the Holiday Season

Recipes for a Healthy Holiday Season

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  1. Zepp
    Its time to buy your butter soon if you are a Canadian!

    "Butter shortage in Canada due to consumer shift from margarine"

    "Consumer demand has increased 2-3% year over year, says Brian Cameron of Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia"

    "There's a move in the health sector — and I'm not a nutritionist — away from trans fats and more towards sources of fat."

    The holiday season is one of the biggest draws on butter, the supply of which will be strained by large-scale needs of businesses that order single 25-kilogram blocks in bulk.

    "That's where the supply has really tightened up," he said.

    "We understand that the processors, the companies that take our members's cows milk and make butter out of it, that they're holding substantial stocks of butter in anticipation in the run up to the Christmas season."

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