“They want to destroy Tim Noakes”


The never-ending hearing against Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa is going to take more time. It’s now planned to resume in April 2017, with a final verdict to be issued at the end of that month.

There was, however, another bizarre twist to this witch trial over a low-carb tweet. As the council concluded its hearing, the Health Professions Council of South Africa issued a prepared statement saying Noakes had been found guilty of unprofessional conduct.

Only one little problem, the hearing was not even over.

After the press release of the “verdict” had gone viral, they issued a retraction and an apology. Adam Pike, an attorney for Noakes, reacted like this:

This is deliberate. It’s an intent to destroy the reputation of one of South Africa’s greatest scientists. It’s symptomatic of how the matter has been run. This is so irregular and so incorrect on so many levels. There’s a personal vendetta and I don’t know where it comes from.

We’ll have to wait until April of next year for the end (hopefully) of the trial.


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  1. Mike S
    You have to wonder, why was this released? Why was the press release even prepared at this point? I think it shows the behind the scenes thinking, their mind has been made up, Professor Noakes is guilty, and they can just hardly wait to make the announcement. I'm less optimistic for a fair hearing and an honest evaluation than before. Now we have to wait another six months.
  2. Raghu
    It's heartbreaking but I'm glad the prefabricated “Verdict” leaked revealing their intent.

    They're unrelenting in their efforts to destroy Dr. Noakes. I strongly feel their mind was made up at the time he was charged, mountains of evidence he presented is irrelevant because they're not looking for truth/facts.

    Our hero Dr. Noakes will have the last laugh no matter what the verdict will be because the world will realize (hopefully soon) who is at fault. Dr. Atkins was ridiculed for decades.

    Dr Noakes is a very brave man. Not only has he been prepared to stand in the face of an enemy as relentless as it is vicious, he does so with integrity and genuine sincerity.
  4. Dan
    This is surely part of their strategy, nobody can be so incompetent as to prepare and release a statement to the press completely in error. I actually think charging Tim will backfire on them.

    They are clinging to a sinking ship and they're trying to chain the public to it too. By acting so blatantly it doesn't require conspiracy theorist to speculate that there's more going on here. I think the public will see through it, and when they do I hope the public will take it as seriously as they should because it's their health and the health of their children Tim is protecting, but the council are only interested in protecting the profits of their masters.

  5. Michelle
    So they believe that he is guilty...... I guess even the stupid and ignorant people are allowed their opinion.
  6. Joy
    Tim Noakes is absolutely shot on AND correct about his shift to "low carbs" which is rather about SLOW CARBS. His view is fully supported by brilliant 21st century Functional Medicine doctors who work scientific holistic like Dr Mark Hyman who healed from lead toxicity, Dr Amy Meyers who is healed from hashimotos, Dr Terry Wahls who conquered Multiple Sclerosis, Dr Jill Carnahan who survived aggressive breast cancer, Chef Pete Evans who is a paradigm buster in Australia in the food and health arena and the list of wise foodies can go on. These people are really interested in HEALTH but agriculture and big pharma has bought the media, the universities, and the conventional medicine doctors and therefore also the "conventional conformist mindset" of the public who ignorantly leach on the propaganda which big agri and big pharma so cunningly bought. Sensible people are also intellectually honest. They do not only sheepish follow the peer pressure and propaganda, but they actually do proper research and they apply what they discover and then decide.
    There will always be those who go for brainwash but I am not one of them. I had asthma and I DO NOT HAVE ASTHMA ANYMORE (for over seven years now and my body healed with the right diet and life style NOT with pharmaceuticals) I am totally FREE from all medication for over seven years and I can breathe freely all day and all night long wherever I go!
    I follow a slow carb diet.
  7. Carol
    What can we do to help Dr Noakes and Dr Gary Fettke in Australia? They are heroes of our era. What courage has it taken for Dr Noakes to even explain why and how his "confirmation bias" had lead him to interpret and teach the wrong information for 30 yrs? So glad that his brilliant legal team is turning things back on the perpetrators of this witch hunt. Stay strong Dr Noakes !!! and hopefully the people of Sth Africa and the world will rise up and demonstrate how they are taking control of obesity and illhealth and your fight will not be in vain. We are all watching and supporting you from afar. Also Joy, listen to Dom Dagestino (sp) who explains ketones are a H (histamine) Dec inhibitor (signalling molecule) which is why people are having such success with asthma and allergic conditions and many other illnesses.
  8. Mario
    You can't beat the system. Mark my words, Noakes will be found guilty in April.
    Any possibility of a paradigm shift must come from grass roots activism. It's up to us to spread the word to each other . Keep up the good work Andreas.
  9. RT
    The HPCSA is simply discrediting itself. In the history of nutrition science, it will forever be synonymous with pseudoscience, witch-hunting, and hypocrisy. All the people who actively participated in this unjustifiable attack on Professor Noakes are absolutely contemptible; sick, twisted parodies of scientists. Like Nina Teicholz, Tim Noakes fights a courageous battle against the willful ignorance and intellectual arrogance of hyper-canonized, enshrined authority.

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