Want a bacon and egg latte? Then visit this keto cafe!

A low-carb latte made with bacon, eggs and spinach

A bacon, eggs and spinach latte

Craving some bacon, eggs and butter? Some cauliflower bread? Or a healthy fat-bomb donut? Then you shouldn’t hesitate to visit this cafe in Perth, Australia! It’s possibly the first LCHF, ketogenic café in the world:

Mail Online: Would You Drink a Latte Made with Bacon, Egg and Spinach? Couple Starts ‘Low Carb, High Fat’ Cafe After Wife Is Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

I don’t have any immediate plans to visit Perth, but if I do, I’ll certainly visit this place.


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  1. Anna
    The first Keto café in the world is probably the one in Berlin. It's called Simply Keto and it's run by a lovely couple. Well worth a visit. http://www.simplyketo.de/de/content/4-uber-uns
  2. Angela
    I'd love to see a recipe for fat-bomb donuts!
  3. gbl
    You can probably find it on Paula Deen.

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