1. Apicius
    The petition against Nina's article got stuck at 73 signatures because the other proponents were too busy recording in their daily food logs, weighing their meals and calculating their calories consumed and expended (using their magical calories in calories out formula that they so brilliantly mastered.)
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  2. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
  3. Michael
    The petition against Nina is absolute nuttery.

    The reasons given on Change.org are either "Go Vegan!" (I guess dietary dogma for plant based solutions is OK from this 'proud defender of Science') or that Nina doesn't have a background in science so she should just STFU.

    Strangely, the person driving the petition actually thinks Nina's statements in the BMJ are correct (from the blog where she cyber stalks the LC community):

    "They say the article is fact checked. I haven't seen any of her usual glaring inconsistencies, like claims that we have cut fat from 43% to 33%, but the facts hardly seem to be the biggest issue here anymore. "

    That's right...she's got all her facts straight but I'm still insane with obsessive anger and looking to destroy this person's career because...well...because!!!! GO VEGAN! She's not a SCIENTIST!!! I am scientist!!

    Nutters will always nut it up.

    By the way, this crank's claim to be a scientist as hogwash. Nothing published under her name.

    I'm thinking this is a sad sorry woman who never had kids and is in a loveless marriage and rather than helping people, she just wants to tear them down.

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  4. Paul TR
    Don't forget guys that this exclusive 73 (now 75) World-Wide-Members-We-Know-All-About-Nutrition-And-The-Rest 7 billion-People-Are-Just-Deaf-Dumb -and-Blind-Club, comprises of at least 60 Nobel laureates in human nutrition, so we should take seriously what they have to say - for good entertainment that is.
  5. Vicente
    "the facts hardly seem to be the biggest issue here".
  6. Robin
    She is an awful crank. I followed her on Social Media and all she did was insult Jimmy Moore and point out he is fat.

    She would post this crap on the weekends too.

    What a sad life. Insulting people and making fun of them like this on your time off from work.

    She has a small band of lunatic vegans and body builders who love her.

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