Virta Health aiming to eradicate type 2 diabetes in Indiana


Following their successful study of reversing type 2 diabetes with a keto diet, more people are now interested in partnering with Virta Health. Virta is now announcing that they’ll offer their services as a fully-covered healthcare benefit to employees of Tippecanoe County Government and the City of Lafayette, Indiana.

Virta is, they say, on a quest to eliminate type 2 diabetes in Indiana. Pretty cool! Let’s hope they succeed.

The Virta Treatment has been revolutionary for our employees living with type 2 diabetes. Virta’s ability to reverse, not manage, type 2 diabetes aligns with the innovative approach we take to improve the health of our employees. Furthermore, we anticipate the economic savings to be substantial and a huge win for the city.
– Tony Roswarski, mayor of the City of Lafayette

Virta: Virta Health Aiming to Eradicate Type 2 Diabetes in Indiana with Announcement of New Commercial Partnerships

Virta / Dr. Payne: Virta’s Quest to Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes in Indiana




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