Are Big Food and Big Pharma killing for profit? Why can lifestyle intervention be more powerful than medications? And how should the medical system change?

Top cardiologist and author Dr. Aseem Malhotra explains his views on these topics.

Table of contents

  0:02  Introduction
  0:26  Killing for profit?
  1:54  Who benefits from the old system?
  6:58  Will there be an enquiry?
  7:45  What about statins?
  9:09  Conclusions?


About the video

Recorded at the Public Health Collaboration conference in London May 2018, published in July 2018
Interviewer: Kim Gajraj
Camera operators: Giorgos Chloros and Kim Gajraj
Light: Giorgos Chloros and Kim Gajraj
Sound: Giorgos Chloros and Kim Gajraj
Editing: Jonatan Victor

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