Video series: Dr. Stephen Phinney on ketosis and keto diets

Are you just getting interested in ketosis and keto diets? Then here is a treat to devour – Virta Health just made a video series on the topic with keto-pioneer Dr. Stephen Phinney.

Check out the first part above. The two following episodes can be found here:

Virta: Dr. Stephen Phinney on nutritional ketosis and ketogenic diets: video series


Keto for beginners



  1. Karen
    Can a person reach a state of nutritional ketosis while taking sertraline (aka, Zoloft)? For patients taking sertraline and experiencing an impact on insulin - i.e., they are gaining weight as a result of taking the drug - is it even possible to get to a state of ketosis?
  2. liz
    I take Sertraline and stay in ketosis with ease; I don't know if fat burning would be much greater if I didn't take this medication.
  3. Kate
    Can a Type 1 Diabetic following a low carb ketogenic diet move to ketoacidosis at a faster rate if ketones are already on board? For example, illness can raise blood sugars quickly. Is Or are there any other scenario's that can create problems for a Type 1 on a low carb diet? Is a ketone a ketone and can this get a Type 1 into trouble?

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