Video from the Paleo f(x) conference

We’re in Austin, Texas, attending the big Paleo f(x) conference. Here’s a quick video to take you onsite and show what it’s like. Feel free to share.

As soon as possible we’ll upload some brief interviews with speakers and participants. We’re also doing a few really high-quality longer interviews with the most interesting people we can find. These will be online as soon as we finish editing them.


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  1. Nate
    Yeah, I really liked the couple in their leopard skins - Mrs. and Mr. Grok!
  2. greensleeves
    Paleo has lost its way. OMG - fat people in fake "caveman" costumes? "Real Food" frozen "Paleo pizza" in a box??!?!?!?!

    These people have totally lost the plot. Paleo is over & has become just a marketing gimmick for junk food.

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  3. victor
    I'm definitely not a fan of paleo food-stuff mimicking SAD synthetic foods. Paleo brownies and muffins and breads? No thank you, I prefer real foods without ingredient labels.
  4. Barbara
    I agree. Real food does not come in boxes pretending to be SAD food. It is there in its natural state.
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I think the costumes were a joke. About the rest... unfortunately there's some truth to that.
  6. Pierre
    It's funny to see an obese woman who teaches paleo recipes!

    It is also absurd to see an ersatz of a pizza which is essentially junk food.

    This is done for people too addicted of junk food and who want to keep these things in their alimentation.

    They will eventually fail and return to eat their junk food .

  7. Sometimes when we need to reach the people that need healthy foods the most, we have to provide something familiar. It's a process. For those that are blessed to have the knowledge and proceed to lead by example, that is wonderful. But this is a journey for some, and I think foods that may mimic marketing can be a start, and not so intimidating. With my open mind, I love to listen and view what is offered and see how it reaches the masses. Now that I have a strong understanding, I can make the best decisions for myself. I work with people everyday, and it surprises me that some cannot recognize a carbohydrate. So for some it's baby steps, and a start. I look forward to seeing more from the big Paleo f(x) conference.
  8. Dawn
    I watched the video... and then saw your comment and went back... Sorry, but they may not be rail thin but that girl was NOT obese...

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