Vacation time

Vacation time

Here’s Klara and her dad on vacation on Gotland, Sweden. It wasn’t very hot the first few days, but then it got better and the beautiful Swedish summer arrived!


  1. Daci
    I bet it's gorgeous..24C with low humidity...Ahhhhh.
  2. FrankG
    Enjoy! :-)
  3. DonnaE
    More Klara photos, please. :)
  4. Chrissy
    Lovely to see dad and daughter enjoying their holiday...she's a wee cutie Andreas :)
  5. Murray
    Savour the moments, I will never forget my outdoor times with my daughter when she was Klara's age. (My daughter is now 19 and away at university.)
  6. Marcy
    And I will never forget the precious times I had with my father. The drives out to the country with the two of us belting out some song together, going out on the boat just the two of us, even a special lobster dinner for my birthday just my dad and me. I am 63 years old now and those times are still so special to me.
  7. Sarah
    Beautiful picture - always good to see pictures of you and your family!
  8. Robbin
    We are in Stockholm right now also enjoying this fantastic summer! Just eaten out at Linie tio in Södermalm. We just asked them to forget the bread. Delicious food.

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