US premiere of the movie Sugar Coated – watch it online

Today is the US premiere of Sugar Coated. It’s an “eye-opening feature documentary that examines the various tactics of the sugar industry that have many health experts calling sugar the new tobacco”. And it features people like Gary Taubes and Dr. Robert Lustig. Should be interesting.

IMDB: Sugar Coated

Watch the trailer above. If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa or Australia you can watch the movie online as Video on Demand.


  1. Justin McCullough
    Looks very interesting and appears to be produced well.
  2. JoAnne
    It's a great film. Saw it in Canada. You can also join a live Q&A via Periscope by downloading periscope and following @SugarCoatedDoc. 3pm PST and 9:30 pm PST
  3. Val
    Great film, just finished watching it. Hopefully this will be a step towards changing things here in Canada and around the world.
  4. Caleb
    I just watched the film with my wife and we really enjoyed it. If you like this film, also watch Fed Up and That Sugar Film.
  5. Martha
    Real Food is starting to gain traction:

    "For the large established food companies, this is having disastrous consequences. Per capita soda sales are down 25 percent since 1998, mostly replaced by water. Orange juice, a drink once seen as an important part of a healthy breakfast, has seen per capita consumption drop 45 percent in the same period. It is now more correctly considered a serious carrier of free sugar, stripped of its natural fibers. Sales of packaged cereals, also heavily sugar-laden, are down over 25 percent since 2000, with yogurt and granola taking their place. Frozen dinner sales are down nearly 12 percent from 2007 to 2013. Sales per outlet at McDonald’s have been on a downward spiral for nearly three years, with no end in sight.

    To survive, the food industry will need more than its current bag of tricks. There is a consumer shift at play that calls into question the reason packaged foods exist. There was a time when consumers used to walk through every aisle of the grocery store, but today much of their time is being spent in the perimeter of the store with its vast collection of fresh products — raw produce, meats, bakery items and fresh prepared foods. Sales of fresh prepared foods have grown nearly 30 percent since 2009, while sales of center-of-store packaged goods have started to fall. Sales of raw fruits and vegetables are also growing — among children and young adults, per capita consumption of vegetables is up 10 percent over the past five years.

    The outlook for the center of the store is so glum that industry insiders have begun to refer to that space as the morgue. For consumers today, packaged goods conjure up the image of foods stripped of their nutrition and loaded with sugar."

  6. Jennie Pacheco
    How can we arrange to access the film in the Cayman Islands? It's not available in our area and I would really love to watch it.
    thank you
  7. Robin
    Actually, you can't watch it online if you live in America. Only Canada. If you click the link to vimeo, it says so in the small print.
  8. Gadget Fan
    Look for this film if you are flying on a plane that lets you choose what to watch. I probably never would have watched this film, because I figured I knew most of what was in it, but when I saw it available on a plane I decided that was my chance to see it (Delta Airlines, Dec 2015 & Jan 2016).

    I hadn't expected to learn anything new, but I did. In particular, his observations as to mood changes (and acne), and the changes to his gut size and liver enzymes, were impressive. Also interesting was the "dry" town that had a high toll of liver disease, evidently due to sugar consumption. Because this movie hit health issues that other family members are dealing with, I ended up recommending it them as well. I actually expected them to be dismissive and didn't expect them to watch the whole thing, but they did, finding it interesting and well-crafted.

    Even though they have seen my good results from going LCHF, none of them have been interested in doing anything like that for themselves. But this movie got their attention, and while going home from the airport, they discussed things to eat and not eat.

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  9. Apicius
    Too bad Delta airlines serves pretty lousy food, on the plane and executive lounges. I do a lot of business travel, and the food they serve their business class clientele is's all a carby nightmare...tons and tons of cheap carbs.
  10. mikehira
    Does anyone know when this film will be available again in the US?

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