The US obesity epidemic reaches a new all-time high


The US obesity epidemic reached a new all-time high in 2016, according to new CDC data. Every single state has an obesity rate greater than 20%, and in five states it’s even greater than 35%. Topping the chart? West Virginia, at 37,7%

To reverse this trend, something new needs to be done. Perhaps we should start by reversing the carb-heavy dietary guidelines that may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.

So how do you lose weight and maintain a good weight? Check out our main weight-loss guide or the new stories below.


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  1. lanessia
    I stopped eating all the foods everyone said were fattening and i cut out white foods ive never really eaten sweets i dont like cake and im allergic to milk so it narrows alot down.however eating lettuce tomato turkey and high protein foods didnt seem to help much because i was gaining more wait doing this than just eating normal in one day i was eating less then 1500 calories for 3 months and for the 1st month i did good on walking 2nd month with ms it started to wear on me and made me so tired id fall asleep standing up or when ppl were talking to me 3rd month i couldnt even get out of bed so im eating more meat some brad alot of letuce and things i like doing better at staying awake and im losing weight. However if yall know of any place that wants a test subject for weight loss test in the amarillo tx area and it wont cost me anything but me to show up im there.
  2. geraldine denise kuss
    Hello there!

    Perhaps you ought to read some of the Diet Doctor's plans for losing weight? It doesn't appear that you have done any low carb eating really. One doesn't count calories on a low carb diet and once you get past the Keto "Flu"you don't even feel hanger and cravings. It's good you've cut out the white stuff , but you could do "The Challenge"you'd be sure to lose weight. Take some time to read the articles by people who've lost a lot of weight. I've been eating this way for over a year and have lost 20Lbs without trying.
    Good luck!

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