Updated design

No – you’re not imagining it. This site looks a bit different today.

  • We’ve updated the design, especially on mobile devices. The site is now “responsive”, meaning that the text and pictures should be the right size no matter what screen size you use – from mobiles, through tablets to big screen computers.
  • We’ve also changed the font to a more modern looking sans serif font.

Please leave a comment if you encounter any bugs or things that do not look good yet. And of course: feel free to say what you think about the changes.


  1. zzz
    I think font is not very good. It is very thin and light. That modern look is hard to read.
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  2. Boundless
    re: ... right size no matter what screen size you use ...

    Did you happen to try it full screen on a 32-inch 2560x1440 monitor?

    Actually, it's OK, if a bit bigger than needed.

  3. Pauline
    Darker font, please. A pale font looks classy, but my eyes need more contrast to read easily. Thanks.
  4. Pauline
    Also, Reading view on a smaller Kindle Fire no longer works, so I can't view just the article content, enlarged, and with word wrap so text doesn't fall off the edge of the screen. I think site designers are often young and myopic, both literally and figuratively, but then I'm an old, half-blind curmudgeon.
  5. bill
    Dr. Eenfeldt:

    Serif was developed to make reading easier. San serif is much more difficult
    to read. I vote for changing it back. I hope you will consider that.

  6. Gibson
    I like it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. The font size adjusts well for me. I hold it in my hand about 8-12" from my face and read with my one very nearsighted eye and no bifocals. (My other eye has issues.) I imagine quite a few of us could be in "mature" situations.
  7. Jennifer
    Everything looks great on my iPhone 6 plus. Thanks for your wonderful and informative website, I check it daily!
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  8. Murray
    The font appears large on my computer monitor, noticeably larger than other websites. I find it a bit difficult to read.

    Serif fonts are easier to read quickly, but sans serif is the modern trend, especially for media with shorter written passages. A book in sans serif would be a chore.

  9. Boundless
    re: ... looks great on my iPhone 6 plus.

    I think we can safely assume that's one platform extensively tested. :)

    Everyone having issues needs to know that they can control what font/size/color/weight their browser uses to render any website. By default, your browser is probably set to allow pages to control it.

    On FireFox, for example, this is in Options > Content > Fonts & Colors [Advanced]

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  10. TJtheGrouch
    Nice change! It is a lot easier to read on my laptop (then again, I'm sixty nine).
  11. Moose
    Nice change! Look great on my 7" tablet and laptops!
  12. Apicius
    Looks good on my iPad.
  13. zzz
    Sorry, that was my issue. I installed Open Sans fonts, and now it is okay. The font is good.
  14. bill

    Can you explain how to change it on Chrome?
    I don't know where the "options" are.

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  15. Boundless
    re: Can you explain how to change it on Chrome? I don't know where the "options" are.

    I don't use Chrome (that I know of - I really don't know what my phone's browser is), but try:

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  16. Desi from Australia
    I found this site a short time ago, so I am still learning to navigate my way around it.
    I'm also just getting started on the LCHF lifestyle. Wanting to loose 20kgs.
    Would you consider putting a "New comments" tab so newbies like me can see the very latest comments with ease.
  17. bill

    Nah. That didn't do it. I don't think there is a
    way for the reader of a blog to change the
    fonts on that blog.

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