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At Diet Doctor, we are constantly striving to improve. Several months ago, our wonderful IT team started working on the redesign of the website. We want to make it easier to navigate the site and find all the information and free tools you need to follow a low carbohydrate or ketogenic lifestyle.

It will be a work in progress and we will still be working on improvements, but we are planning to have the new design live today.

DietDoctor.com will be down for a few hours, but you can watch videos via our Diet Doctor YouTube-channel.


New year, new Diet Doctor

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  2. Hopefull
    Hopefully it will be easier to navigate that this current disaster one. Just because many sites looks like this it doesn't mean it's good. It just shows that "creative" IT people has got too much power.
  3. Marijke
    O wow, look at this new and improved site! Nice looking site menu (on my phone) and the site on the whole has a much easier feel about it. I like the four grouped green buttons. It's not as "loud" as it was. Well done DD
  4. Candace
    Awesome new look! And all the new information is fabulous! Thank-you everyone for all your hard work!
  5. Lisa
    Would love to see in the nutrition panel the amounts of fat and protein in grams as well as percentages.

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