University reveals more of sugar industry’s “sick secrets”

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An in-depth article about the sugar industry’s decades-long manipulations of science is featured in the latest issue of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) magazine.

The article explores the deep background about how key university researchers, especially associate professor Cristin Kearns, have pursued evidence of sugar industry tactics to downplay the harm of sugar. The feature tells how Kearns was able to obtain thousands of internal sugar industry documents — emails, confidential memos, research funding strategies, public relations tactics and more.

UCSF Magazine: Sugar’s Sick Secrets: How Industry Forces Have Manipulated Science to Downplay the Harm

The sugar industry documents, which now number more than 32,000 pieces, are part of a new online UCSF archive. Only a portion of them has been explored and cataloged. But so far they are revealing the sugar industry’s “scientific shenanigans” to manipulate public health and subvert science, the article says.

Last month we featured a post about this new UCSF sugar archive that is part of The UCSF Industry Documents Library. UCSF is inviting academics, researchers and the general public to help them search the open-access archive. The site has even created a short video showing how to search the site using keywords.

Diet Doctor: New online archive reveals the food industry’s tactics

Who knows, maybe some citizen scientists among our Diet Doctor readers may make key discoveries? Test your searching chops and see if you can find even more evidence of the way the sugar industry promoted self-serving research.

Anne Mullens


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  1. Miranda
    It’s Kearns
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  2. alexnapvar
    What really keep me astonished is how government (*) are so cunning in making people believe it was the market and not their regulations and "de facto" laws, decrees and food guidelines pyramids in order to save us from ourselves the ones that really play a definitive role on peoples's decisions and the ones that forced the industry to keep in line with the policies imposed to everyone.. Where was the rest of the industry players, meat industry, egg industry, chicken industry, pork, etc, where were those industries investing money to influence public opinion? didn't they exist? didn't they present any arguments to the public, in particular when the "sugar evil industry" was not that powerfull yet...? and in interestingly enough, where was the individual responsability to think critically..What allowed sugar industry become so powerful and influential if not with the complicity of the government and dishonest (or ignorant, in-denial") public officials?.. Even the creator of this website used to work for the government (accordint to his words) and knew what was going on inside it and had the courage to quick, Who bullied *or still bullly Uffe Ravnskov and Malcom Kendrik and others who have been fighting the controversial cholesterol hypothesis if not their own public servant colleages.. ? Stop demonizing the industry (or at least blaming only the industry) and the free society. Focus your efforts on informing the people on what you believe is the truth, but stop taking political positions because in the end you will end up reinforcing the need for more government intervention in our lives, in one way or the other. Moreover, what about the policies in communist contries, where private sector had nothing to say and even so, the policy was (and is) exactly the same?.
  3. Anne Mullens
    Thanks Miranda for that catch. We have fixed it now.

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