“It would be unacceptable for me not to offer advice on using a ‘low-carb’ diet”

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More and more doctors are recognizing the benefits of prescribing low carb for type 2 diabetes, yet there is backlash from authorities who neglect the power of dietary interventions and keep pushing for medicines.

So who is right at the end?

Dr. Campbell Murdoch treats patients using low carb. Here he explains why more GPs should advice patients to try it, and debunks a few dietary myths along the way.

I am seeing astonishing results in patients with type 2 diabetes who themselves chose to reduce their dietary carbohydrate intakes. Having seen the results, and after many hours of research to understand the physiology better, I believe it would be unacceptable for me not to offer advice on using a ‘low-carb’ diet to patients with type 2 diabetes.

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