The scary results of the type 2 diabetes tsunami in Australia


Here’s another scary prediction about the results of the diabetes epidemic, this one from Australia:

The rising tsunami of diabetes in Sydney’s western suburbs will overwhelm hospitals within 15 years and specialist factories will need to be built to perform amputations.

SMH: Diabetes Threatens to Overwhelm Western Sydney Hospitals as Obesity Epidemic Rages

This is clearly not just a problem in Australia, the type 2 diabetes epidemic is a worldwide tsunami.

Luckily there’s a very possible solution. Stop recommending people to eat more of the foods that raise the blood sugar the most (carbohydrates). And stop telling people to avoid foods that do not raise blood sugar (fat, meat).


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  2. Toni Wray
    How very sad that these diabetic patients will be receiving the wrong advice. They are "treated" with medications and told to lose weight by "taking the skin off the chicken" to reduce the fat. They are shown a dietary plate with carbohydrates making up a 1/4 of the suggested food intake. I am so sorry for these people - they will end up with all the complications of diabetes. With the correct advice, i.e. change to a LCHF diet, most of them would be able to improve if not cure their condition. When will the medical profession (and nutritionists!) stop giving the wrong advice and start actually helping their patients?
  3. Alan
    Exactly Toni. I was in Australia recently and met my brother's in-laws. Both in their 70's, obese and diabetic. They commented on how trim I was and I talked about my own great experience with LCHF and sent them some links to read for themselves about the obvious positive effect on diabetes. Their response was the usual "Well, everything in moderation." followed by "Are you sure you don't want some potatoes with that?". I can't help but feel it's going to take a generation to change what has been a generation of bad advice.
  4. Stealth
    The sad part is that the Dietitian's Association of Australia is actively opposing LCHF. They call it dangerous and have already pulled the license of one dietitian who recommended this approach for her patients.

    As long as they are in charge of dietary advice in in Australia, there's not much hope for a change.

  5. Barbs
    I used to live in Sydney for many years and can state that the Western suburbs have some of the poorer areas with higher unemployment so I should imagine that these people are filling up on hot chips, pasta and all those other "empty" but cheap foodstuffs. The whole world needs educating not just Australia, I live back in the UK now and my sister just told me she is counting calories, eating less and moving more!!!

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