Type 2 diabetes is a fully reversible disease

Type 2 diabetes is a fully reversible disease. And still conventional medicine treat it as the opposite – as a chronic and progressive disease. We try to mask the symptoms and slow down the complications, instead of curing it!

It’s quite easy to prove that type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease. Have a look at this chart of the number of required drugs for treating the disease, over 12 months on three different treatments in a 2012 study:

Reverse Diabetes

The top graph is conventional treatment. Everyone starts out on three different medications and they keep having to take the drugs. This is what we normally do. It simply does not work to reverse diabetes, and may even make the diabetes worse.

The bottom two graphs are common variants of obesity surgery, where a large (healthy) part of the stomach is removed. Many patients suddenly don’t need drugs anymore, their diabetes completely goes away!

The point is not to recommend surgery that removes healthy organs – I don’t recommend that. The point it that type 2 diabetes can be a fully reversible disease. Luckily it’s not even necessary to remove healthy organs to do so, it’s also possible by just changing your lifestyle.

Here’s a longer post on the subject by the great Dr. Jason Fung:

IDM: Surgery Reverses Diabetes – T2D3

I just spent a few days with Dr. Fung and we have some really interesting plans. If you’re at all interested in this topic I think you’ll love what we have coming up soon.


Jason FungAsk Dr. Jason Fung

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  1. Revd. D.D.DavId
    Great !
  2. Carol
    Can't wait. Dr Fung is brilliant. The world needs to hear what he has to say.
  3. sam
    You do realize that what your saying with this study is that DM2 is totaly cured by just eating less. Not that you have to go low carb. Though of course if you eat less from sucha diet, sure. But its not intrinsic to this studies results.
    There diet didnt change and both cohorts consumed what you would call a high carb diet.
    The study showed that by restricted diet from gastric surgical restrition resulted in a " curing" of their DM.
    As modern Americans calorie intake has increased by 23% since the 1950s this study is a conclusive proof of the bad health outcomes of such modern gluttony.
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  4. Mattias
    If you are eating less (total amount of calories), wouldn't that automatically mean that you also eat a less amount of carbs? Which also applies to fats and protein of course but still, in proportion to a big body and calorie needs, which you have when you are massively obese, you would technically be on a very low carb diet.
  5. CH
    That argument doesn't make sense. You could still just give people the advice to eat less. No need for a low carb website. Getting ~1800 cal with 50% carbs is in no way low carb
  6. Apicius
    Yes, eating less does help to curb and reverse type 2 diabetes....BUT....(and this is important...so pay attention)...if you eat less calories on a diet with lots of carbs, your insulin is activated and you will feel voraciously hungry. On the other hand, if you eat LCHF (low carb high fat), your body will secrete less insulin and as a result will not get the violent hunger pains.

    Eating less while feeling very hungry is prone to failure, while the opposite is eating less while not feeling hungry has a much higher potential for success. So, the optimal solution is eating LCHF, which will help you keep insulin secretion low, which will reduce hunger, which will allow you to eat less, which will help curb and reduce diabetes.

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  7. david
    Apicus. I agree if you haven't any willpower or control over yourself that way of eating works well.
    But if you are above primates and can actually control the primative side of your brain you can enjoy a wide variety of foods. Eg even a chocalate now and then.
    Travel the world enjoy a variety of cuisines eg pasta.
    Just have to be able to put your fork down.
    (This is important so pay attention. U concentrate on your arm and make it stop that death grip on your fork). Scientists have actually discovered thar your arm dosnt have its own brain and can easily be controlled.
    Like when you wave hello to people.
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  8. George
    I really hate the word "cure" in relation to diabetes. That word implies it's gone forever and won't come back, which simply isn't true. If one starts eating high carb/low fat again, it WILL come back. Diabetes can be reversed or controlled, but NOT CURED. This used to drive me crazy when I followed Dr. William Davis's blog, too.
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  9. George
    Actually, if you look at the dietary recommendations for people who have had gastric bypass surgery, it's not just about eating less. The recommended diet is low carb.
  10. Murray
    George, it depends whether the intervention reverses the insulin resistance. If the insulin resistance is reversed, the diabetes is cured.

    If an alcoholic quits drinking and his liver restores to health, he is cured. Yes, if he starts drinking a bottle of vodka again every day he will become alcoholic again, but that does not mean he was not cured. It just means a bottle of vodka per day is enough to cause alcoholism.

    When there is cured insulin resistance (that is, the person once again has a normal 5-hour insulin response pattern to an oral glucose tolerance test, as per Dr. Joseph Kraft's protocol), there will still be a threshold dietary pattern (high-carb with frequent snacking) that keeps insulin levels constantly elevated and causes insulin resistance once again.

    So the bottom line is, has a diet merely blunted the insulin response to food intake by reducing insulin-stimulating foods in the diet without changing the underlying insulin resistance of cells, or has the diet reversed the insulin resistance of the cells, allowing the patient to start afresh chastened by the wisdom that whatever diet caused insulin resistance in the first place was toxic?

    One must also factor in chronic stress, which can result in chronically elevated insulin and consequently contribute to insulin resistance. So diet A may be fine for someone who manages stress well, but toxic for someone who does not.

  11. FrankG
    Right... "willpower"! The way we can consciuosly control our bodies... like deciding to breathe less?

    Maybe you could exercise your "will power" david, by sitting at the deep end of a swimming pool and see how long you can concioulsy control the basic human need to breathe?

    What's the problem, surely you are "above primates"?

    Actually I don't think we are "above primates"... I am convinced that we ARE primates and that we share much of the same physiology.

    Your mistake is in seeing this as a psychological issue when it is a physiological one. It is biochemistry NOT behaviour.

    Sure I can choose to put down the fork, despite feeling hungry, for a while. Same as you can hold your breath, despite going blue... for a while. But feeling hungry, every day, for the rest of your life? I'd like to see you try. But find a natural diet which does not leave you hungry and guess what happens..?

    Maybe you can explain to me, david, when so many others have failed the challenge, how I apparently gained "will power" when I changed the macronutrient quality of what I eat to LCHF, after literaly decades of trying the approach you endorse. Surely "will power" is something you either have, or do not have? So how did I finally "get it" in my 50's? Magic?

  12. david
    Frank I dont know why some people cant control themselves but its not a involuntary choice . Everday you can see people who actually can. Especially in diet and exercise .
    Eg whilst your getting fatter watching sports on tv involving athletes who show great willpower re such.
    Im ex army. SF . Best go and ask a Marine about will power to keep at prime condition
    Or a Harvard graduate on will power to overcome.
    Seriously you complain that feeling a twinge of hunger is uncontrollable.? Thats just soft.
    My as well complain about having to walk across the lounge room to change the channel
    Its not like your in a african famine and dying. Actually starving.
    And seriously you already have used willpower to go to you lchf diet. You have changed uourself by the power of your will.
    Nobody waved a magic wand you did it yourself.
    Anyone can controll what and how much they eat.
    But blame is never centered always directed to the external. Just like Sigmund taught.
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  13. Apicius
    Before I discovered LCHF, I experienced severe pain, such as joints aching so badly that I would have to hang on to handrails when climbing or descending stairs. Enjoyable activities, like bicycling and rock climbing, became impossible. My gut felt horrible, my skin dried, my hair fell out...and so on and so on. Meanwhile, I would also gain weight, and I would force myself to eat less. In fact, I remember how I used to eat about one-quarter the amount of food my colleagues at work would eat...and it would boggle my mind how they could maintain eating so much. To give you perspective of the food quantity I am talking about, one sandwich made with two slices of bread (normal sliced bread) with a slice of low fat cheese and a slice of turkey breast, a few leaves of lettuce, a few carrot sticks, and a glass of water would be considered an enormous feast. To make sure that I would not gain weight, I would have to replace that normal sized sandwich with a couple of crackers, a few carrot sticks and a tiny piece of low fat cheese. Imagine what it's like eating a quarter the food others eat (less than 500 cal per day), feel like crap, still gain weight...etc. It was as a dead end journey that made no sense to me.

    Miraculously, I discovered LCHF. The pain went away, and I was then able to eat a normal quantity of food. All I needed to do was remove the high carb foods for no carb or low carb foods, and I was able to eat a normal volume of food that satisfied me. But, more importantly, the pain went away, and I was able to get back to the things I loved to do, like biking and hiking.

    My brother, who is slim, looks perfectly healthy, and has been an athletic type of guy all his life has just been told recently by his doctor that he has type 2 diabetes. The difference between he and I is that my body puts on weight and gets sore all over, while my brother was able to easily maintain weight and stay actively athletic. In the end, we were both headed the same direction. In a way, my proclivity to gain weight and develop pain was my body's way of telling me that I was not eating correctly. Unfortunately, my brother did not have the same warning signs from his body.

    There is a growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes...with some gaining weight, and with others who don't. It seems clear to me that when a simple change in food quality (like eating LCHF) which can easily fix the problem exists, it should be promoted. In the end, with less sick and obese people in our society, tax money is saved and healthcare systems would be more manageable.

  14. FrankG
    I said nothing about placing blame, I said nothing about twinges of hunger.

    I'm ex-service myself and know all about the training required to stay in condition

    I also have literally decades of trying the "suck it up" approach you think so highly of... it is not a sustainable, long-term solution.

    david, you are clearly ignorant and rather than helping here, you are continuing to expound on and display even more ignorance. Why don't you keep your judgmental attitude to yourself.

    You admit as much yourself, "you don't know..." exactly!

  15. Paul TR
    David, clearly you have no experience with people who struggle with their weight.
    Good luck with your obviously enormous will power.
  16. Murray
    To paraphrase Nietzsche, caloric free will (calories in, calories out) is the hangman's dogma.

    To paraphrase Dr. Fred Stare, then head of the Harvard School of Nutrition (which at the time received millions in "unrestricted" grants from sugar and cereal companies)--it's your own fault you're overweight--you eat too damn much, too much fat.

    Coke is using the same strategy from the sugar association playbook in the 1970s--the hangman's dogma.

  17. chris c
    People who don't suffer from this simply don't understand it.

    I spent my whole life suffering from what I now know to be Reactive Hypoglycemia. A lack of Phase 1 insulin response means that my BG shoots up on eating an inappropriate quantitiy of carbs, which is far less than we are told is essential to life but is actually essential only to the profits of the Foodlike Substance Manufacturing Industry. The Phase 2 insulin works, and the BG spike comes down, but the insulin fails to shut off so the BG undershoots, leaving me exhausted both physically and mentally, unless I eat more carbs.

    So whenever I went for a long walk or was otherwise active (which I was, a LOT!) I would have to load up with sandwiches, chocolate or Kendal Mint Cake, coffee with sugar, etc. and stop every couple of hours to refuel. The hunger from this was intolerable.

    I never put on weight but my lipids and BP were those of a fat person due to the hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.

    I was sent to a dietician and obviously told I was eating "too much fat" HUH??? I used to eat an Ornish-style high carb low fat grain based vegan diet. When this didn't work I returned to eating meat and fish but "based every meal on starchy carbohydrates" just like we are all told.

    When I again cut back on the fat and replaced it with more "heart healthy whole grains" I became semipermanently exhausted, constantly hungry and my lipids and BP got WORSE. Also for the first time in my life I gained about 15kg all round my gut. My skin, eye, sinus, gum and fungal infections became chronic.

    I was then told I was "failing to comply" with the diet.

    Fortunately I then saw a half clueful doctor who gave me a GTT and pronounced that I "just had a touch of prediabetes" and gave me exactly the same diet, only in writing.

    I went online and discovered what actual diagnosed diabetics do to control the disease and started an LCHF diet, guided by postprandial BG readings which I was soon able to normalise. My HDL doubled, my trigs fell to 1/10 of what they were, my BP came down and I lost all the weight. Obviously my Insulin Resistance fell through the floor BUT I still don't have a proper Phase 1 response and never will have. I CAN eat significantly more carbs but I DON'T because I don't want the symptoms or the crap lipids to come back.

    This completely cured the gnawing hunger and the physical and mental crashes. Now I routinely go 6 - 8 hours and often longer without even feeling a need to eat. Yesterday I had a buttered oatcake with smoked salmon around 11 and a handful of nuts later, then went for a prolonged walk. I got home around 8 and was starting to feel like I might need to eat sometime soon. I had dinner around 9. No longer any need for carby snacks or any other kind for that matter.

    After TEN YEARS of this relative normality my GP admitted that by now they would have expected me to be diagnosed diabetic and on "two or more" drugs. A different GP claimed there had never been anything wrong with me and I should never have been diagnosed.

    UK GPs are under pressure NOT to diagnose diabetes, and to undiagnose people as soon as their A1c drops below 6%, in order to improve their statistics. I even know of Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetics who have been pronounced "cured" and had their insulin presciption cancelled, which should lead to charges of Attempted Murder. "Cured" is frankly the wrong concept, "well controlled" better describes it. You can significantly improve IR and make your insulin go a lot further and effectively normalise your BG, BP, lipids and weight but if you return to eating a high carb diet this will reverse.

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  19. truthbetold7
    Im 5'3 125 lbs. Have always been very fit and toned. Exactly how should I and many others who arent fat loose weight or have surgery to cure this?
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  21. Odijie Esther
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  23. David grant
    Maadam r u sure
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  25. Rich pope
    WebMD says both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is NOT curable. Who am I supposed to believe???
  26. Dietitian
    So this is the site providing incorrect information about diabetes! Found it.

    Okay so take this doctors licence away, you shouldn't be allowed to say your a medical practitioner if you do not understand the definition of cured. Surgical operations leading to a life long series of complication is not a cure, it is by definition a surgical treatment. And if you have to cut out and alter your GI tract to reach this fictional "cure" you might as well just redefine diabetes to accommodate your idiotic and medically false claim.
    If I develop an infection I cant exactly say I'm curing it by amputating the area now can I. Come on people this is misinformation and clearly not backed by the real medical community. He's selling you a false bill of goods and lying to your face. This is why the internet is dangerous. It's easier for doctors to give you pills and offer surgery because they have next to no understanding of either cooking foods or application of nutrition and diet interventions.

    If a person who goes through gastric bypass is unable to eat enough that does not mean they are cured of diabetes. If they consume enough carbohydrate the blood sugar will rise beyond normal thresholds just as it would prior to your surgical treatment. The condition is not defined by the size of your stomach it's the production and use of insulin- you don't get to ignore science when is is useful to you.

    Look gastric bypass has a place, and morbid obesity and food addiction is very real and dangerous, but so can these procedures, and though there can be benefits to blood sugar control it is absolutely unethical to make the claim that this is a cure of any kind. Diet related diseases are not cured by surgery, they are treated with diet. Lets stop treating our diets with pills and procedures. Even after these types of treatment diet remains the main concern and becomes even more complicated for many patients. Look past the marketing and financial benefit that this individual stands to gain. If you are interested in this kind of procedure you should go to a person who will tell you the whole truth- never this nonsense.

    When the whole of the medical and health community says diabetes is not curable and THIS GUY decides to say otherwise why would anyone in their right mind listen??? because real sustainable interventions just sound more difficult, and the list of complications and true medical facts don't seem to make their way into this slew of false claims.

    If you believe this drivel then boy do I have some invisible cloths and a great investment opportunities for you!

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  27. Marianne G
    You should perhaps look into improving your reading comprehension, @Dietician. The point of this article was NOT to promote surgery. Go back and read it again, then read Jason Fung's book. SMH
  28. Dietitian
    Perhaps YOU should improve your understanding of human anatomy and physiology before being so void of common sense to accept anything said by a person claiming to cure diabetes- which is non curable. If you start with false information (ie-the very title of this) why exactly do you have reason to believe any other detail is credible?? You don't. I'm sure it's very appealing for you.
    So the point is to sell a book, procedure, and lie?---YOU should improve your reading comprehension Marianne; Start with an education and take it from there. Promoting a book? read a textbook, take a class, and stop gravitating towards ridiculous claims that defy medical science.

    When you google: "diabetes curable" it is this garbage that comes up at the top of the misinformation pile. And if your talking comprehension lets talk fact vs fiction....you want people to ignore the facts because that "isn't the point"? You dont comprehend if you can differentiate between reputable and anecdotal information. One lie two lie, IT's false. Comprehension is about understanding, and it starts with reputable, credible, and fact based information. A grain of your truth sits atop a pile of lies. A message that ends with buy my book is not ever going to be good information. When you have a financial gain behind your recommendations you step past the line of being a moral health professional ie Dr. Oz. AND of course Marianne here who apparently sells other peoples books. lol

    Comprehend this Marianne- if you have an infection on your foot I have no basis to claim I have cured it by amputating your leg. A treatment is not a cure, and surgical intervention does not cure your insulin and BG issues anymore than Bulimia cures weight gain. Cure is not something you throw around and feature as a headline in order to increase your webpage traffic. There is no defense for bad science.MY POINT has nothing to do with if or how much someone is promoting surgery, it is the failure of you and any reader who "comprehends these lies and things they have gained understanding out of misinformation. It is horrible to see this kind of false cure drivel infecting people with with bad information.

    FACT:Diabetes is not curable, but 100 years ago it was terminal, now it is treatable.

  29. Tim
    FACT: Type 2 diabetes is fully curable...I and hundreds of others have proven it. LCHF Diet and intermittent fasting works. No longer need any of the witchdoctor medications based on belief and not science. These dietitians ought to be prosecuted for the harm they do. How dumb is it to recommend eating sugar and other carbohydrates to raise blood sugar, then give witchdoctor medicine to bring the blood sugar down?
  30. sol
    I am a living proof ! It works.and am spreading the info to friends and family.
  31. debbie
    Hi my name is Debbie
    Im 52 years old, after being obese for over 35 years i decided after being diagnised type 2 diabetic that i needed to change my life.
    I joined a Slimming World group lost half my body weight and no longer on any medication for my condition.
    Ive kept my weight off for nearly a year now and love the new me.
    I think surgery is so costly and gp's can refer to Slimming groups here in UK
    Im 135lbs lost or 9st 8lbs and feel amazing.
    Weight loss makes you retrain yourself as to how to cook and eat healthier surgery doesnt give you that vital componanat to succed x
  32. Greta ezeza
    i have discover the cure for diabetes contact me via facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ezeza.solomon
  33. Angela
    well i do not think there is such cure for diabetes.to tell you this a 120 years old woman speaking
  34. Dr. mark
    This is all great advice given in the spirit of improving nutrition which is very much at the core of a diabetes management . However with the exception of some comments by George, it seems as if there is a great misunderstanding of the pathogenesis of diabetes. Beyond these notable people who have proposed diets in this article, there are many other competing scientific thoughts that explore the relationship of food and insulin resistance. More importantly, what we have to keep in mind is regardless if you're on certain diets that are favorable for reducing insulin resistance , reversing diabetes or any other of the terms you prefer, the fact remains that there is a large faction of type 2 diabetics that will experience a loss in beta cell function that is irretrievable regardless of diet. The point-blank truth is that the secretory capacity of beta cells diminish beyond the minimal threshold (measure c peptide,pro insulin levels, and 1,5 anhydroglucitol) and exogenous insulin is needed to sustain normal metabolic function . While this may take substantial time for some and may not happen for others , it stands as reasoning as to why no diet regardless of basis will work to reverse diabetes for everyone.
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  35. Tim
    A doctor said it, so it must be right...funny how, when I followed doctors orders, I just got worse and worse.
  36. Dr. mark
    Were you following your doctors orders just when you got worse or from the beginning when you were diagnosed ?
  37. Tim
    From the beginning...don't much take the word of the allopaths anymore. Or the so-called dietitians. They've been propagandized by nannies in authority over them. Totally ignorant of what was known to have worked a hundred years ago.
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  39. Ryan
    It's really dangerous to tell people it's curable, it's definitely manageable, but you can't fully get rid of it
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  41. Tanya
    I had repeat had type two diabetes. I no longer have it and here's why. I did not change my diet I took testosterone tablets for two weeks and on the third week even after eating high carb spaghetti I never go over always low reading. People please look this up testosterone and type two diabetes. I'm not just writing this I have no diabetes after 10 yrs of having it
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