Type 2 diabetes: amputations reaches all-time high in the UK

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The ever-increasing rate of type 2 diabetes comes with devastating side effects for sufferers, one of which is amputations. And unfortunately it has peaked at an all-time high:

Data published by Public Health England and the National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network, and analysed by Diabetes UK, revealed the 25,527 major and minor amputations reported during the period 2013 to 2016 to be a record high.

Express: Type 2 diabetes complications – levels of amputations at ‘record high’

Four out of five amputations related to type 2 diabetes are preventable with diet and lifestyle measures aimed at lowering blood sugar. This is rarely discussed at the doctor’s office however.

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  1. François
    Though this paper does give bleak statistics, the author provides no meaningful solution, sticks to the stats and the importance of "proper foot care". What we need is proper diabetes care, and that is LCHF. An article referenced at the end of the express article states that "Scientists have found higher intakes of red meat and poultry are associated with a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes.". Really? What kind of a silly joke is this? Yes, the type 2 diabetes explosion is a wordwide disaster. Yes, the massive increase in amputations - and other vascular disease, and heart disease, and blindness, and Alzheimers - is a catastrophy. And yes, all this can be prevented, not by cutting red meat and poultry and taking pills - which only provide a better looking blood sugar and change absolutely nothing in terms of cardiac disease, amputations and blindness - but rather by using a LCHF diet. I am quite uncomfortable to have such a great site as dietdoctor use crappy journal articles as reference. Uneducated people may think that what is written in the express is akways OK since it was used by dietdoctor. May I suggest going to the raw stats and then giving the solution, as dietdoctor does so well?

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