Type 1 diabetes-organization curious about LCHF – gets massive response


  1. Solomon
    Thanks for the post. Interesting reading the comments and seeing so many getting healthy despite their health care teams prediction of doom. They (the health care professionals) will learn with time.
  2. Kev Winchcombe / @oceantragic
    Hi Andreas , glad you seen all the comments from many of the members of the Facebook group TypeOneGrit, they're a real inspiration to me with their healthy meals and low HbA1c's. What do you think of the A1c graphs?
  3. RD
    Glad to see the word finally getting out. http://www.pinterest.com/typeonegrit/
  4. Jennifer
    Both science and common sense support LCHF.
  5. Debbie Theriault
    TYPEONEGRIT is educating the masses on how to normalize blood sugars. Doing the work the ADA and JDRF should be doing. They keep raising money, but never educate anyone on how to normalize blood sugars.....that's very odd to me. Where does all that money go?? Thank God for Dr. Bernstein and the people of TYPEONEGRIT for which I am part of. (full disclosure) TYPEONEGRIT has created an online community of Doctors, nurses, CDE's, PhD's and successful type 1's and will help people for FREE!!!!
  6. erdoke
    I just finished this video (thanks to Ivor Cummins for drawing my attention!) and it is exceptionally good: http://youtu.be/VjQkqFSdDOc The slide from 18:40 is very important. I was aware of the 10-fold difference between the portal vein and peripheral tissues, but the level within the pancreas (i.e. between beta and alpha cells) was unclear.
    Where can the glucagon suppressors (or receptor antibodies) be found in medical care, together with the mentioned very low dose of peripheral insulin?
    Also, for type 2 it confirms the insulin resistance hypothesis and sets a new cause: beta-cell lipotoxicity. Superb science, forgive me for being excited. :)
    Just as a side note: he obviously did not care about the full nutritional background and intervention options.
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  7. Janknitz
    Ever so subtly the tide is turning.

    I was thrilled to learn about Typeonegrit on FB. I've been looking for a place to refer parents of newly diagnosed Type I's. It breaks my heart to see parents who are too afraid to go to sleep at night in case their child goes hypo and slips away. This is SO not necessary!!!

  8. George Henderson
    Roger Unger has done a low carb study, 1988.
  9. RD
    A video playlist of type one parents who follow LCHF eating: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfEswff-oEs&list=PLs_TA02I6IvW8Fo...
  10. George Henderson
    Here's Roger Unger's high-fat diet diet study from 1988 (50% fat mainly olive oil) - it was a metabolic ward study so highly accurate.
    As compared with the high-carbohydrate diet, the high-monounsaturated-fat diet resulted in lower mean plasma glucose levels and reduced insulin requirements, lower levels of plasma triglycerides and very-low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (lower by 25 and 35 percent, respectively; P less than 0.01), and higher levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (higher by 13 percent; P less than 0.005). Levels of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol did not differ significantly in patients on the two diets.
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  11. erdoke
    It seems that he was wise enough to leave out nutrition from the presentation...
  12. Kay williams
    As a diabetic type 2 , recently I was hospitalised in Australia for 3 days . I was amazed at the Hi carb low fat plus replacement sweeteners served to be for those 3 days. Most main meals were predominantly rice or potato and sauce or gravy. Other veges were mostly frozen greens and carrots and other 'squares ' of root veges. Usually white sauce or flour thickened gravy or sauces.
    All of the lunch and dinner meals included prepackaged and processed 'convenience ' tubs of ready made desserts. bread or rolls and margerine, jam packets with bread, and biscuits served with tea and coffee.

    Hospital nutrition practices need urgent review.

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  13. Cindy C
  14. Kay
    Thanks Cindy C.

    I have always maintained to my Dr that my weight gain esp around stomach, and my insulin control early signs ( prediabetic at second pregnancy after a 9lb7 oz first birth ) were triggered by my pregnancy. I was slim beforehand and had no eating problems and no weight gain problems. Things changed with the aftermath of pregnancy. Interested to follow this research .

  15. smc
    Thanks for posting the PubMed link, George.

    In Unger's trial, the high-fat diet still included 35% carbohydrates. It would be very nice if someone would conduct such a trial with a true LCHF regimen (carbs 10% or less).

  16. OliviA
    Hi i am a registered nurse with a type 1 child and also agree how terrible the hospital food is especially for the high carb diets for diabetics...its a disgrace that hospitals promote this way of eating!!!
  17. Zepp
    The thing about Type 1 and LCHF is that its easyer to calculate the right amount of insulin to take!

    More carbs less acurate!

    The other thing is that type 1 seldome at least in there begining can use carbs in there cells for fuel.

    Type 2 is another thing,, they benefits mostly by cutting all the carbs they can.. there problem is hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance!

    If one can get as low as 10E% frome carbs as a type 1.. there its easyer to manage the right doses of insulin.

    Listen to Dr bernstein.. a type 1 frome his youth!


    He is kind of old..kind of healty anyhow!


    Buy his book or find a library that has one of them.

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