Two-year-old undergoes weight-loss surgery


Here’s the world’s youngest weight-loss surgery patient: a Saudi Arabian two-year-old.

IBT: Saudi Arabia: Morbidly Obese 2-Year-Old Becomes World’s Youngest Weight Loss Surgery Patient

Around 35 percent of the population in Saudi Arabia is obese, compared to, for example, 14 percent in Sweden. Why is obesity such a disastrous epidemic in Saudi Arabia? There are no doubt many reasons, but I can imagine a big one:

Saudi Arabia is a muslim country, where you don’t drink alcohol. Moreover, it’s hot, so you have to drink a lot. So what do you drink? Probably the same thing as in the world’s most obese country, Mexico. Same thing as in the parts of the U.S. with the highest diabetes rates.

There is of course a simple and profitable solution to the problem, that doesn’t affect the soft drink industry. Surgical removal of the stomach in the entire population, including young children.

Or you could find a better and more natural solution.


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  1. Susanna
    shocked! just simply shocking to see a child undergoing this level of abuse by parents! the overfeeding I mean! the surgery is another level altogether.
  2. Freddie
    OMG, what kind of doctor would perform WLS on a TWO YEAR OLD? And furthermore, what kind of parents would ask for it? This is absolutely horrifying.
  3. Froggy
    This is very sad.
    I've lived in saudi arabia for a few years.
    Most of its vegetables and fruits are importes, and are never really "fresh".
    People there basically live on pastries, cheese and beans.
    Although they have a big variety of fresh and delicious fish.
    They spend their time eating junk food, and their idea of healthy food is basically
    Pastas and bean foods drenched in canola oil.
    People generally assume that Saudis are rich. But most Saudis aren't and they
    Can only afford the worst foods and the least amount of protein.
  4. Deane Alban
    This is sickening beyond belief. What in the world are these people feeding a 2 year old?!?

    I've often wondered who women stay healthy in countries where they must wear scarves and abayas (full-length cloak). How do they get exercise or avoid vitamin D deficiency?

  5. Chipper
    When I saw this, my first thought was Prader-Willi Syndrome. There is something going on here other than cola consumption.
  6. Daci
    I wonder this as well Deane...
    I sure feel sorry for that kid. He is never going to live a normal life.
  7. François
    I wish the explanation to Saudi Arabia's obesity crisis would be ONLY soft drinks. It seems it is not. Please see on the war in the Gulf Countries between Coca Cola and Pepsi... Though their consumption of soft drink is steadily growing, it is still far lower than in the USA.

    We do not know anything about this poor kid's story:
    is he sick? (well, clearly, if he is that obese, he IS sick - but does he have an underlying disease? Chipper's suggestion of Prader Willi is something to think about.
    What were (and are) his parents feeding him? Froggy's comments that "People there basically live on pastries, cheese and beans...They spend their time eating junk food, and their idea of healthy food is basically Pastas and bean foods drenched in canola oil." is certainly something to think about. Pastries, Beans, Pastas, tons of carb.
    Another point is how Saudi's react to our junk food. If they are similar to Southeast Asians or Chinese, they'll soon have to put insulin distributors at Mecca, for they will soon all be diabetics.

    All this being said, unless a kid is sick or overfed junk food by his parents, he will not become that obese. And to go for the "easy" solution of chopping an absolutely normal organ so people can still feed crap to this young kid is in my humble opinion not only stupid, but criminal, a little similar to the suggestion to give statins to developing kids (except for a very small group of patients, statins are useless and dangerous).

    And the war soft drink companies are into to increase their market share worldwide will make the problem worse... Much worse.

    And as for Deane Alban's question "I've often wondered who women stay healthy in countries where they must wear scarves and abayas (full-length cloak). How do they get exercise or avoid vitamin D deficiency?", the answer is unfortunately: they do not. In a country where the sun shines 365 days per year, these women suffer from vitamin D deficiency and from osteoporosis. Oh, the great help of religion!

    Sick world. Soft drink anyone?

    Replies: #8, #12
  8. robert
    Quite a big evolutionary disadvantage. I wonder how long it will take until this nonsense goes away for good.

    What kind of people make up these silly rules? And the irony... that this stuff thrives for hundreds of years and brings ruin to many.

  9. murray
    My shoulders slumped when I saw this. So sad to see it happen to a toddler.
  10. Michelle
    When will mainstream nutrition wake up? I'm fed up of hearing how much fruit, bread and low fat yogurt I'm supposed to be putting in my son's lunchbox. I made a list of ingredients of all the foods they 'recommended' to parents and handed to the head last week. She told me today that they had to follow government guidelines, but that she herself followed a paleo diet. I wanted to scream.

    Please keep up the good work Doc, you have more fans than you think.


  11. SEL
    These people are actually usually animal herders with emphasis on goat and sheep and camel for meat and milk and milk products, the climate i stoo hot to grow anything. Arabs do not get fat on meat and dairy. They get fat on carbs, they love their sweet syruppy pastries, bread etc. This child would have exhibited an appetite and they would have fed him as much as he would take. Poor child. I bet his mum had gestational diabetes and that both parents are obese as well.
  12. marw
    We are suffering from obesity Yes it is true, because people have become lazy and eating movement
    This has nothing to do abaya we women play sports and well and wear the abaya is not a problem we have
      Has now become the largest awareness and mom and dad are at the foundation of healthy food for their children

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