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So I’m currently taking our two-week low-carb challenge myself, mostly to see how we can simplify it even more. My girlfriend usually does most of the cooking, but these two weeks it’s going to be me cooking every day. Our kids are going along as well.

Yesterday was the first dinner. And OK, so my low-carb burger did not turn out exactly like the picture to the left, but I have to say it was darned good. Am pleased with the plan so far.

Are you taking our low-carb challenge? What do you think so far?

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  1. Liz Hooker
    I am taking the two week challenge and am so glad I am! Yesterday, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't lose as much as I thought I would. Why???? Well, I saw you video about the top 5 reasons mistakes. Fear Of Fat!!!!! Yes, adding 3 tablespoons of butter to my scrambled eggs was something I am programed never to do! So...yesterday, I quickly prepared in advance today's Brussels Sprout & ground beef recipe exactly. Took 1/4 portion of this very tasty casserole to my lunchtime meeting. All wanted to taste my delicious lunch. I think taking a picture is a good idea. I will start that too!
    Question: Recipes are for 4 portions-and am assuming that 1/4 of the recipe is the correct amount for my meal. Then there are 3 portions to be eaten the following day or over the next 3 days?

    Question 2: I have reviewed the shopping list and it sometimes lists amounts for one portion and then for four portions. Am I reading that correctly?

    Question 3: Most of last week, I had the opposite side affect of constipation. Of course I had headaches and still am working out the correct balance between salt and drinking more water. Is it OK to take salt tablets?

  2. Bengt D Nilsson
    Andreas, I suggest a short/long video from your work in the kitchen.
  3. Myrna
    I am currently taking the 2 week challenge. I am finishing up my first week. I have some symptoms of the keto flu. Drinking the water with salt or drinking the bone broth does the trick. Even though I have the Keto flu, I feel better some how. Its hard to explain. The food is easy and DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this website with us!
  4. betty
    i drink pickle juice when i feel the keto flu!

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