The Twitter hearing of Professor Noakes is almost over


Professor Tim Noakes

The years-long Twitter hearing of South African professor Tim Noakes has made big headlines. It could potentially have a big impact on future nutritional advice, far beyond South Africa.

The closing arguments have just been presented and the final verdict is expected on April 21 (finally). Here are new summaries of the hearing and what’s at stake from The Noakes Foundation:

Prof Noakes believes that the hearing is “an important event in the history of nutrition in South Africa” and that the public “has the right to hear the truth about what constitutes optimum nutrition”…/…”The goal is not to ‘prove’ that I am correct but to advance knowledge by discovering truths that will improve the nutritional health of all South Africans”

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A lot of people are saying there’s really no way that Prof Noakes could be found guilty… but really, who knows? We’ll have to wait until April 21.


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