Towards LA and Ancestral Health

Los Angeles

I just started my train ride towards the international airport in Stockholm. Adding the flight time via London to LA I’ve got almost 24 hours of travelling ahead of me! Luckily I enjoy it. Time for relaxation, reading and writing, with no stress.

Friday and Saturday there will be loads of interesting lectures during the Ancestral Health Symposium (mine is on Saturday). On Sunday I will attend a MovNat workshop on Venice Beach with Erwan Le Corre. I predict a lot of sweat.

Updates are coming. Do you know of any other blogs reporting from the event?


  1. Jon
    Doc, make sure to check Don Matesz's lecture.
  2. Looking forward to the updates. Hope to be there for myself one day. Have fun! :)
  3. Wishing I could be at the symposium, but happy to say I will be joining you for sweat time on Sunday! Really looking forward to it!
  4. MagganA
    keep up the good work doc ;-)
  5. mezzo
    Tom Naughton will be attending the conference and will surely report on his blog.
  6. Christine Davis
    A long trip where someone else is doing the driving/piloting is a great time to read and reflect with less distractions! Hope you have a great time in LA!

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