Toward Las Vegas and the Obesity Symposium


It’s now time for my fourth trip over the Atlantic this year, chasing knowledge about diet and health. This time the destination is the autumn conference of the American obesity doctors. Speakers this year include dr Barry Sears, dr Mary Vernon, dr Steve Phinney, dr Eric Westman and professor Robert Lustig – all of them very positive to low carb.

In the last few years the topic of low carb has sneaked in, on a separate program at the end of the spring conference. But now it seems that low carb is on the main program, ready for prime time. There is hope yet for the big country of the west. And you can read (and see) my reports here.

It’s a bit sad to leave home with a seven weeks old daughter at home. Luckily Klara is a precocious child, having already learned to have video conversations via Skype (still with some help from mom though).


  1. Low carb ready for prime time! YooHoo! It's about time!

    Hugs for little Miss Klara and her mom! She's smart like her parents! :-)

  2. What a fantastic conference line-up, I wish I was going! I think the AHS will be my last Paleo overseas trip this year.

    Will be interested to hear what they serve up for lunch after seeing what you were served at that prior obesity conference - unbelievable!

  3. Enjoy! (Even though Klara isn't with you.)

    Am looking forward to your reports. If things start to move a little more 'over there' then it might be easier to persuade people elsewhere too ...

  4. moreporkplease
    Finally! An LCHF reply to the Danish tax:

    Dr. Uffe Ravenskov writes "to believe that eating fat makes you fat [in the context of diabetes] is as silly as to believe eating vegetables makes you green."

  5. Alexandra
    I hope that the presentations will be recorded and made available to the public.

    Best of luck!

  6. Henrik Bugge
    Ravnskov is so right!

    See this new study:

    I guess the climate on the conference have changed a little since The Stockholm conference !?

  7. deb b
    Please post a picture of what they are serving for lunch! Hope its better than the one in your AHS (blood sugar graph)!
  8. Amy
    Welcome to Las Vegas, Its a bit windy today but a nice temperature in the mid 80's. If you get a chance take a hike up at Red Rock (beautiful). My favorite restaurant in Caesars is Bradly Ogden. Its expensive but the steak is like butter.

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