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Is the keto diet compatible with current dietary guidelines? Not really. It’s getting better, though. Just a few years ago, the dietary guidelines were pretty much the total opposite from the low-carb keto diet. Now, guidelines are at least moving in somewhat the right direction. We recently took a deep dive into the new Canada Food Guide that was released earlier this year. You can read our review here.

To learn more about the conventional dietary guidelines and its potential problems, check out our top videos about dietary guidelines:

  1. Did the introduction of the dietary guidelines start the obesity epidemic?
  2. Tim Noakes on trial
  3. The human body needs good saturated fats  — Dr. Ken Berry
  4. The US dietary guidelines: why they matter
  5. The unknown story of vegetable oils
  6. "Dietary guidelines for whom?"
  7. How to prevent chronic disease – Dr. Trudi Deakin
  8. Creating change in public health
  9. A global food revolution



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