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There are a lot of controversies going around about meat consumption these days. It can be difficult to know what to make of all different advice and opinions we get. The EAT-Lancet report that was released recently recommends people to only eat 14 grams of meat per day (equivalent to one small meatball). We have rebutted the EAT-Lancet report here and here.

To learn more about meat, here are our top videos about meat:

  1. Why more protein is better
  2. Is fear of protein the new fear of fat?
  3. Diet Doctor Podcast #11 with Amber O'Hearn
  4. Diet Doctor Podcast #30 – Dr. Gary Fettke
    Is low carb bad for the environment?
    Can red meat kill you?
  7. Diet, health and the environment
  8. What about red meat and health?
  9. Why you shouldn't fear protein on keto


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  1. Erik 2
    LIKE!! Thumbs up. Wish you could start sending out rebuttals like these by press releases using the channels that get publicity.

    For example.
    "DietDoctor disagrees with EAT Lancet. Their findings are not science based and completely ignores the laws of nutrition says Dr Andreas Eenfeldt."

  2. Carol
    Ha ha. Reckon the Pharma owned media will print??
  3. Blanca
    Dr. Eenfeldt, could you summarize te pros and cons of too much protein in LCHF diets. Phinney & Volek advise for a moderate range, and other say to be higher, and other say to be lower... but I see that every day I pass the limit of my macro calculator...I'm a light-moderate activity woman, 42, 23% body fat. Macro calculator for a 9% deficit tells me 60 grs per day, wich I pass to 70-80 almost everyday, just because I'm hungry... Could that affect in the long term?

    Thk you for your work!

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