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Cereal Killers

Should we worry about egg consumption and cholesterol? High-fat diets and high blood pressure? Or, perhaps saturated fat clogging our arteries?

We have seen a lot of these headlines in the news lately. Is there any truth to it? Some of our latest news posts on the topic:

Diet Doctor: Eggs are bad – then good – then bad again? What gives?

Diet Doctor: Low-carb diets don’t accelerate coronary calcification

Diet Doctor: The bitter statin debate

Diet Doctor: Inaccurate news stories suggest low carb causes atrial fibrillation

Check out our top videos about heart disease:

  1. Cereal Killers
  2. Should you be afraid of cholesterol on a low-carb diet?
  3. Statin Nation
  4. "My doctor urged me to take statins"
  5. The pathways of insulin resistance
  6. "I have been following the wrong advice!"
  7. Should you worry about high cholesterol?
  8. Framingham and the Muddy Waters – part 1
  9. Is cholesterol the cause of heart disease?



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