Top five opinion editorials of 2018

opinion editorials about nutrition in 2018

Mainstream coverage of diet and health is dominated by the theme “eat less, exercise more.” However, we see progress, with a steady stream of op-eds questioning status quo thinking and making the case for a new approach.

Here are our picks for the top five opinion pieces in 2018:

  1. Dr. David Ludwig in the Los Angeles Times:
    The case against carbohydrates gets stronger
  2. Nina Teicholz in The Wall Street Journal:
    Carbs, Good for you? Fat chance!
  3. Dr. Sarah Hallberg in The Detroit News, The Baltimore Sun and the Houston Chronicle:
    Don’t manage diabetes, reverse it
  4. Dr. David Ludwig and Kenneth Rogoff in The New York Times:
    The toll of America’s obesity
  5. Dr. Sarah Hallberg in The Hill:
    Government dietary guidelines are plain wrong: Avoid carbs, not fat
Honorable mention:

What lies ahead in 2019? More well-placed coverage of the potential of low-carb and keto diets to fight chronic disease!


  1. Eileen Herbert
    71 yr old retired Nurse. On Metformin for high A1c . Thing that scares me most is that both parents
    showed signs of dementia before they passed away. My father was 70 yrs 10 mos when he died suddenly
    Of a massive heart attack. For about 3 yrs before his death , he asked me the same questions every time I came home - about once a week. My mom was in a Seniors home for 6 yrs before she passed away
    because of dementia. She was 87. So now I almost panic every time I cannot recall a name.
    Will a change in diet slow down any progression of dementia ? Would appreciate any support.
  2. Carol
    Do it Eileen!!! The minute you change from a sugar burner to a fat burner through LCHF with IF the change in brain clarity and every other health marker is startling. LDL might go up but that’s a good thing (as long as triglycerides are low) for immune system in older people. Look at Stephen Cunnane’s work on YouTube or on this site. Dr Dale Bredersen has written an excellent book on the topic “The end of Alzheimer’s”.
  3. Hazel
    I had a kidney transplant eight months ago. My kidney disease is not diabetes related. I have been low carb for some time now as well as practicing intermittent fasting. However I am gaining weight not losing it. I believe it may be due to the anti rejection drugs that I am on.. Can you recommend any thing to help. I am 163cm and weigh 75kg
    Need help.
    Reply: #4
  4. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Here are our top tips for troubleshooting.

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