Top 10 low-carb vegetables

Low-carb veggies top 10
Here are the ten greatest low-carb vegetables, tasty and nutritious but with very few carbs. All numbers are net carbs per 100 grams (3½ ounces).1
  1. Cauliflower – 4 g. The most classic and iconic of all low-carb vegetables. The base of cauliflower rice and cauliflower mash. Check out our top 18 cauliflower recipes
  2. Cabbage – 3 g. Another great low-carb vegetable. Who doesn’t love butter-fried green cabbage or the truly addictive Asian cabbage stir-fry? For more, here are our top 21 cabbage recipes
  3. Avocado – 2 g. Not just low carb, but also full of nutritious fat. Avocado can be eaten in all kinds of ways, including on its own, perhaps with some mayonnaise, or it can be used to make guacamole. But that’s just the start, here are more awesome avocado recipes

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  1. Net carbs = digestible carbs, i.e. total carbs minus fiber.

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