Too Much Medicine Is Killing Us

Do you think people are on too many drugs already? Just wait for the new initiative from Big Pharma – preventative medicine. It’s about drugs every day… for healthy people.

If it sounds like a joke, rest assured it’s not. Big Pharma is running out of real and even invented diseases, so now they need to sell drugs to healthy people to drive future profits.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra was on BBC Breakfast to talk some sense (see video above). Preventative medicine is great, he said. But it will happen with lifestyle interventions, not mass pill-popping. Not when prescription drugs are already the third most common cause of death, after heart disease and cancer.

The perversion of medical science

Dr. Malhotra also talked about how our medical science is being perverted by Big Pharma. We can no longer trust so-called “scientific” trials, funded and carried out by Big Pharma.

Do you think they will be honest and transparent, when BILLIONS of dollars of revenue can depend on the result of a single trial? Or will they cheat as much as they hope they can get away with? Their responsibility to shareholders demands that they choose the second option: scientific fraud. And they do.

I knew the situation was bad, but it has become worse than I could imagine. I warmly recommend a book I’m just finishing reading. It’s written by one of the co-founders of the Cochrane Collaboration, Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche, with a foreword by the former editor-in-chief of BMJ.

The title sounds like hyperbole, until you realize that it’s just telling it like it is: Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare

It’s a really sad situation we’re in. And if people do not realize it and take action, things are going to get much worse.


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    Andreas, this link took me directly to Amazon ?
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sure. It's where I bought it. No affiliate link – we never use them for trustworthiness reasons – so we make no money from this recommendation.

    The book is a bit expensive at Amazon so if anyone has a cheaper option please tell me.

  3. Jeff C
    Great to see this concept being discussed in the mainstream press, Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Gotzsche are doing outstanding work. David Healy often writes about how drugs were formerly viewed as poisons to be judiciously and skilfully to ensure the benefit outweighed the (considerable) risk. Today, drugs are presented akin to fertilizer; something to be spread far and wide, essential for healthy growth, with virtually zero risk. This didn't happen by accident, but was a conscious and deliberate campaign orchestrated by pharma, abetted by willing accomplices in medicine, government, and the media. The goal was singular, to increase revenue under the guise of "preventive medicine".

    Fortunately, the public is starting to wise up, but it is far too slow. Hopefully, exposure for Dr Malhotra and like-minded colleagues will speed up the process.

  4. Leroy
    I agree with this in a lot of cases. I wouldn't ever take stations or blood pressure meds for example. There are, IMO, other viable options.

    But I am currently recovering (hopefully) from a cases of pneumococcal. I have had it for 2 months or slightly more. And instead of being "just" pneumonia or bronchitis, it went systemic with a ton of symptoms. No food or supplements or herbal product was going to deal with it. In fact, older, generic antibiotics (the original penicillin) proved ineffective (*). It seems that moving a big step up the ladder with a stronger antibiotic might be doing the trick.

    I would point out that even though eating very strict LCHF over this time and insuring that caloric intake was okay, that because of fatigue and breathing problems any type of exercise, even mild walking, was not a capability and that I have gained 20 pounds over that two months (8-10 weeks). I believe that some of that is due (aside from no exercise ) the shown increase - well over normal ranges - of cortisol.

    So I would caution about making a flat out statement regarding medicines killing us when sometimes they are saving our lives.

  5. chris c
    Sure treating acute illnesses has improved markedly but that isn't profitable enough. Telling people to eat a diet that does harm, then prescribing drugs that are essentially the antidote to the diet, that's profitable. If the drugs have side effects that require the prescribing of MORE drugs, that's even more profitable. We are now living in a dystopian science fiction novel. All power to the few clueful doctors who have seen through the scam.
  6. Michael
    I am from Denmark like Peter Gøtzsche and it is an amazing book that really open your eyes regarding the Medicine companies.

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