New study: US toddlers consume too much sugar

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American toddlers eat more than seven teaspoons of added sugar per day, an amount which exceeds the recommended intake for an adult female. And the consumption just increases with time.

This is what a new study reveals, and its findings are disturbing for a number of reasons:

Added sugar consumption has been linked with obesity, dental caries, asthma and risk factors for heart disease, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Eating foods with added sugar also can influence a child’s food preferences, potentially leading to less healthy food choices later in life, researchers say.


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  1. Victoria
    Totally not surprised by this. Sugar is in virtually all "kid" food, from cereal to juice to bread. It is no wonder that child obesity rates are so high which also leads to adult obesity. Some juices literally have high fructose corn syrup in them. Sugar is no longer an occasional treat but a staple of children's diets. The American Heart Association deems Coco Puffs as heart healthy because they are low fat but they are LOADED with sugar. However, they deem coconut oil unhealthy because it is saturated fat. It almost feels like a conspiracy.
  2. Walter
    There is one problem with all the headings of the articles. Toddlers are FED sugar, they are not in control over what they eat, us parents are 100% to blame.

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