Tip: Artificial sweeteners are not your friends


Many people find the low-carb lifestyle because they have to, because they suffer from diabetes, obesity or something related to these things.

It’s extremely common in this group to also have a habit of eating sweet, sugary foods – and this can be hard to give up. It’s natural then to turn to artificial sweeteners instead.

The problem is that these sweeteners are not necessarily much better than added sugar: they maintain sugar cravings and may prevent weight loss. Possibly they may have even worse risks, like causing cancer.

Skipping them altogether – if you can – is the best option, especially if you are or have been addicted to sugar. It’s really only a habit – once the sweeteners are gone, you’ll rapidly lose your need for them.


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  1. Simon
    I think i have just woken up to the IR aspect of sweeteners including natural sourced ones like Stevia. I have given them all up and now seeing what happens to my ketones and weight loss progress, thanks for writing this Dr. Andreas
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  2. Apicius
    Simon, I think you will also develop a better appreciation for less sweet food. This happened to me with coffee and tea, for example. After a month or two of not adding sweetener, I became a fan for drinking the hot beverages without added sweetness. Today, I would not be able to enjoy either natural or artificial sweetener in the drinks. They taste so obnoxiously sweet to me now. The artificial sweeteners have an extra bit of medicine like taste too which really puts me off.
  3. aimee
    The only thing that i really have aritifical sweetner in now is no-sugar cordial and diet lemonade on a weekend with gin ( i really dislike tonic).
    I will drink tea and water with lemon in the day while im at work, but always fancy something with a bit of a stronger taste at home so have a few glasses of juice - can anyone recommend anything that doesnt use artificial sweetner?
  4. Leroy
    Some references to these claims (medical, scientific references) would have been very nice. I know that there have been various claims in regards to artificial sweeteners in both directions, with many early claims as to problems cited since overturned by more comprehensive testing and studies.

    Additionally, I find that it boils down to the use (amount) of the artificial sweetener and the type. I use a minimal amount (1 tsp or 1 tablet) of Sucralose in a large mug of coffee (along with a good sized dollop of heavy cream) to cut the bitterness. It doesn't "sweeten" the coffee at all...

    I have LONG AGO lost my sweet tooth and have no desire for any sweet foods - to include fruits. I believe that the carbs (fructose yet)in a medium size apple are much worse for LCHF than 2-3 Sucralose tablets (zero carbs) spread out over the day. Yet many believe that having some NATURAL dairy or NATURAL fruit is perfectly okay even though it pushes their Carb total above a Mac on many days (I generally eat less than 50 grams of Carbs a day easily and rarely go between 50 and 70 grams). This morning I had 4 scrambled eggs with 5 pieces of bacon and a cup of coffee (no Carbs). At lunch I had was "Protein Smoothie" (or maybe better called a High Fat Smoothie?), with an estimated 8-9 grams of Carbs. And dinner will be leg of lamb with... leg of lamb (unless I decide to cook up some eggs again). No veggies. Other than the occasional salad (loaded mainly with meats and chopped eggs, with some shredded hard cheese, and the only - minor - vegetables being iceberg lettuce, olives, and celery in very small quantities) I no longer eat vegetables. And can't remember the last time that I had a piece of fruit. For mid evening snack I will have some pork rinds with plain sour cream dip. Altogether less than 20 grams of Carbs (even if I underestimated quite a bit).

    And yet have trouble losing weight rapidly... or anything other than SLOWLY. That's because I have a medical condition (Pseudo Cushing's) where my body makes too much cortisol. Without LCHF consistently I would have gotten huge (when in 2004 I first developed it, my cortisol levels were twice the reference range max and I went - as a former amateur powerlifter and boxer - from 245 to 315 in less than a year). Doing a (back then, 2006... after spending 16 days at NIH Research Center in a special research study where they encouraged a strong LC diet) a milder Atkins type LC diet (and inconsistently, but mostly), I dropped 30 lbs in two months and another 20 lbs in the next two months. I then made the mistake of thinking it a diet (rather than a lifestyle) and over the next few years put the weight back on up to 305 lbs. Then about 18-20 months ago I went strongly LCHF (and got back on a couple meds suggested by NIH along with strong use of Magnolia Bark Extract - which have brought cortisol production downs to where I test at right around the top end of the max reference range - last Labs earlier this month showing that I was just inside reference range at top end). And have dropped down to 275 (at 6'1") and slowly progressing. Due to a recent bout of pneumococcal that went septic (and took 4 months to control), I have yet to resume consistent workouts - and am in my 60s so workouts have changed from "in my prime". Also, remember that higher intensity (even moderate intensity for most people) will start ramping up cortisol production around the 45 minute mark. For HIGH intensity workouts, it's closer to the 30 minute mark.

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  6. Teena
    What about truvia sugar packs.

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