Thumbs up for an egg breakfast


According to a recent study it seems to be good for type 2 diabetics to start the day with eggs and meat for breakfast. A high-carb breakfast produced worse results in many ways:

The result should be obvious. Were you even surprised? If so, you may want to update your knowledge on diabetes.


  1. eddy
    I love omelettes so this is good news, what about my banger sausage??

    Now that thanksgiving is drawing closer I need some input

    I would assume the turkey would be considered good, along with the broccoli in cheese sauce, the peas , carrots and brussel sprouts with real butter all of these would be a good choices.

    what about the turkey gravy , the squash, yams and sweet potatoe??

    and what about the pumpkin pie if made with reduced sugar and whole wheat crust???
    there must be some exceptions.

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  2. Zepp
    Its only thanks giving ones a year.. and if you not a diabetic.. eat and enjoy!
  3. Anna
    Isn't it funny – and terribly sad – how much time and money are spent to find out what people have already known for YEARS!

    "I'm impressed with these findings." Honestly! Protein is more filling? It takes longer for it to raise blood sugar? Any other brilliant conclusions?

  4. murray
    eddy, we use wild rice instead of yams or sweet potatoes. I cook the rice in chicken stock and add butter, mushroom druxelles and a little port to simmer off at the end. Lots of flavour and rich, with the butter and mushrooms.

    Go easy on winter squash portion sizes generally (summer squash is better from an LCHF perspective), and you can have some fun with spaghetti squash. The kids really got for it.

    And instead of pumpkin pie, I have been making flourless pumpkin souffle in ramekins or cocottes. I got the idea making pumpkin pie once (from scratch of course) and had too much filling, so put the excess in cocottes. If you separate the eggs and whip the whites stiff, folding into the batter at the end, you can get a souffle texture. For sugar, yes, reduce, or use xylitol (the kind made from hardwood not corn), which is lower glycemic and sweeter than sugar, so less is required. To get the kids really excited, get a creamer siphon with nitrous oxide cartridge to serve whipped cream. I add less than a half teaspoon maple syrup per 500 ml heavy cream plus some vanilla extract and, for pumpkin pie, a little nutmeg. You only need a hint of sweet because the aeration greatly magnifies the sweet sensation using minimal actual sugar. The kids love stacking the whipped cream on their pie, or any other food, really. My son loves putting a row of whipped cream on his bacon slices at breakfast and eating them as finger food. LCHF is fun!

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  5. Mike Graf
    not enough fat in eggs. make sure to cook with plenty of butter, bacon fat and/or coconut butter. :D
  6. Graham
    @Mike Graf

    Actually Mike the article did state: "Those in the big breakfast group ate more foods high in protein and fat."

    Sounds like the big breakfast could be a fry up eggs, bacon, sausage and mushrooms etc.

  7. Glen0
    LOL whipped cream on bacon for breakfast, beat that evil Kelloggs corp.
  8. Kim
    My 11 year old Type 1 diabetic daughter had a BIG problem with morning blood sugars before going LCHF. Now she has a breakfast of protein and fat and her blood sugars don't spike at all. She boluses for half the protein. There have been 2 days where she forgot to bolus for breakfast and she spiked to 9 mmol/l. Huge improvement!
  9. Jo tB
    Murray, you mentioned nitrous oxide. Do you know the dangers of using this drug?

    One of the worst effects is it depletes B12 stores. Not something you would want to happen.

  10. Lisa
    My type 1 diabetic son eats protein fat and low carb veges for breakfast also and it is easy to keep his bsl normal. We got rid of toast and cereal when he was diagnosed. I sometimes make pancakes from almond meal ,eggs and cream and fry them in coconut oil. Delicious
  11. Daci
    I make a nice crust-less pumpkin soufflé and sweeten it with Stevia. it comes out perfect very time.
  12. gna
    Hi, Diet Doc I am a type 2, and I eat sometimes 5 eggs in 1 day , is it okay?
    Just how many eggs a type 2 can eat per day? Please give an honest
    Answer. Tnk u.
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  13. Zepp
    Its an old question that comes up all the time.. there is nothing bad with eggs.. eat as many you like.. diabetes or not!

    Eggs are one of the healtyest foods one can eat.. its contain all the nutrients for a new life.. except C-vitamine.

    And if you tryes to get organic eggs frome free living hens.. then you do the hens and organic farmers a favor.

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