Three-year old girl becomes the youngest person with type 2 diabetes

Here’s another sad record: A 3-year-old girl in Texas has developed type 2 diabetes.

WSJ: Three-Year Old Girl With Type 2 Diabetes Recovers From Condition

Her diet at the time of diagnosis is said to have mostly consisted of “fast food, candy and sugary drinks”.

After the diagnosis her parents began to “replace the sugary drinks with water and fast foods with home-cooked meals”. The girl quickly lost weight and her blood sugar levels normalised.

Type 2 diabetes is a reversible dietary disease. Here’s how to cure it.


  1. Paul TR
    Less carbohydrates consumed - more beta hydroxybutyrate produced. More we know about this molecule, more fascinating it becomes.
  2. lirebec
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  3. smc
    I suffered from increasingly severe allergies (pollen, feathers, cats, trees, dust, etc etc) for many years. I was taking steroids, multiple antihistamines, and weekly allergy shots. I was forced to wear a mask when going outdoors. My life was miserable as a result. About 6 years ago, I began a LCHF lifestyle, not expecting that this would have any effect whatsoever on my allergies. To my amazement, after about 3 weeks on LCHF, my allergies began to dissipate. I was able to stop all medications after 5 weeks.

    That was about 6 years ago. I have had no allergy problems since that time.

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